The Concise Geography of Yala

The Concise Geography of Yala

This book is to a very large extent for the benefit of a generation that is fast losing contact with its rich and vital culture and tradition which is as a result of inadequate information and lack of education. The purpose of this book is to bring to the understanding of rich and indigents of Yala people, the geographical consciousnessI am therefore inspired to write this book by the virtue of my discipline (Geography and Environmental Management) so as to enrich administrators and all who deemed it fit to read this book which entails well detailed information regarding Yala customs and traditions. This book has been organized into eight Chapters so as to acquaint readers with vivid and adequate knowledge of the immediate geographical environment of Yala. The settings of Yala, and the physical environment and aspect of Human Geography of Yala are well exposed in the eight chapters. This book is mainly designed to provide comprehensive and factual information which will be quite useful to students, consultants, teachers, tourists, policy makers and administrators, and researchers in all tiers of education. The author's view doesn't in anyway despise opinion of others who have something to contribute to the vast discussion of Yala as the account is necessarily incomplete. I therefore take responsibilities for whatever the short-comings of this publication might be as my major motive is to contribute my quota to the success of Yala. 


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