The research work examined waste generation and management stategies in ado-ekiti, ekiti state. The study involve visiting communities with the objective of studying ways of disposing waste, its management strategies, and the importance of cleanliness and being hygienic which is the primary source of health.

          The aim of this work is to analyze waste generation and management stategies in ado-ekiti, ekiti state, and objective is to examine what causes waste in Ado metropolis, the nature of the relationship between environmental protection and waste management system in Ado metropolis, the effect of waste generation on socio-economic development in Ado metropolis, and to locate those areas that are prone to waste congestions.

The study relied on the secondary source of the data, thus, the questionnaire serves as the instrumentation for the research work. The questionnaire design was used to collect data, and administered in 100 randomly selected respondents in Ado-Ekiti. Findings from the study show that the problem of sanitation as well as waste disposal is one of the most serious environmental problems in Ado metropolis.

In the view of this finding, it was recommended that, there is need for government and sanitation bodies to make available dust bin to keep the environment clean from waste and also to encourage community dweller to make use of government waste dumping can in depositing their waste. Lastly government should also encourage particularly the residence to support waste authority to fight waste problem which may result in disease outbreak in the community



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Acknowledgments                                                                                     iv

Abstract                                                                                                     v

Table of Contents                                                                                      vi      

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CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION                                                               

1.1      Background to the Study                                                                1

1.2     Statement of the Problem                                                                           4

1.3     Aim and Objectives                                                                           5

1.4     Research Questions                                                                           5

1.5     Research Hypothesis                                                                        6

1.6     The Study Area                                                                                 6

1.7     Organization of the Study                                                                 11

1.8     significance of the Study                                                                             11


2.1     Literature Review                                                                              12

2.2     Citizen Mobilization and Environmental Education                                   17

2.3     Strengthening Waste Management Agency                                       18

2.4     Government Support                                                                        19

2.5     Waste Management Legislation                                                                  19

2.6     Infrastructural and Management Improvement                                 20

2.7     Application of Science and Technology                                            20

2.8     Monitoring and Surveillance                                                             21

2.9     Policy and Planning Implications                                                      22

2.10   Significance of Waste Management                                                   22

2.11   Challenges of Waste Management in Ado Metropolis                      24

2.12   Context of conceptualization of waste Management                         26

2.13   Waste Management and Sustainable Development in Nigeria          29

2.14   Compliances with Institutional Rules and Regulations                     32

2.13   Theoretical Framework                                                                     33


3.0     Introduction                                                                                     40

3.1     Sources of Data collection                                                                 40

3.2     Research Design                                                                                41

3.3     Population                                                                                        41

3.4     Sample and Sampling Techniques                                                    41

3.5     Research Instrument                                                                         43

3.6     Validity of the Instrument                                                                 43

3.7     Administration of the Instrument                                                     43

3.8     Data Analysis and Presentation                                                                 43


4.1     Presentation and Data Analysis                                                                 44

4.2     Discussion                                                                                        57


5.1     Introduction                                                                                                60

5.2     Summary and Findings                                                                     60

5.3     Recommendations                                                                                      61

5.3     Conclusion                                                                                        62

REFERENCES                                                                                         63

APPENDIX                                                                                                68


Items                                                                                                          Pages

Table: 4.1.1Sex                                                                                          44

Table: 4.1.2marital Status                                                                        45

Table: 4.1.3 Occupation                                                                             45

Table: 4.1.4Household Size                                                                      46

Table 4.1.5 What constitutes the major waste generated in your area?                       46

Table 4.1.6What types of bin are you using before final disposal?                                  47

Table 4.1.7How frequently do you empty your bin (refuse)?                                           47

Table 4.1.8What is the average estimate of the weight of your area refuse bin when it is full?                                                                                                                                                   48

Table 4.1.9Do you dispose off your refuse in place approved by the government?       48

Table 4.1.10How often do you participate in environmental sanitation in your area?    49

Table 4.1.11Are you willing to support the waste authorities in your area in their cry against waste problems?                                                                                                                        49

Table 4.1.12Are you willing to support them financially?                                                           50

Table 4.1.13Have you ever witnessed the outbreak of diseases due to waste in your environmental?                                                                                                               50

Table 4.1.14How are waste collected?                                                                             51

Table 4.1.15How did you dispose your waste?                                                               51

Table 4.1.16 Who is responsible for final waste disposal in your area?               52

Table 4.1.17Do you agree that government should involve more refuse collectors and cart pushers to make sanitation more effective?                                                                               52

Table 4.1.18Are you aware of the waste management authorities in your area?           53

Table 4.1.19Does their operation extend to you area?                                                     53

Table 4.1.20Do you agree that each area should also involve in participating in waste collection and disposal?                                                                                                            53

Table 4.1.21Do you notice the presence of government waste bins in your area?         54

Table 4.1.22Do you think the state and local government have a huge role to play in waste management?                                                                                                                                    54

Table 4.1.23Do you think it will be better if the government deals with individuals who insult the environment with wasted?                                                                                          54

Table 4.1.24Do you have any complaints concerning the final dumping sites?            55

Table 4.1.25Do you think the solution to waste can be eradicated by the government 53




Items                                                                                                          Pages

Figure 1: Ekiti State in its National Setting                                                 8

Figure 2: Map of South-Western Nigeria                                                   9

Figure 3: Map of Ekiti State showing its Local Government Areas            10

Fig 2.13.1: Diagram of burgess land use theory                                         33

Fig 2.13.2: Hoyt land use theory                                                                36

Fig. 2.13.3: Harris and Ullman land use theory                                          41


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