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Emergent system properties Systems engineering  Organizations, people and computer systems Legacy systems

An Introduction to Software Engineering

Software engineering Software costs FAQs about software engineering What is software? What is the difference between software engineering and computer science? What is a software process?  What is a software process model? What are the costs of software engineering? Activity cost distribution Product development costs What are software engineering methods? What is CASE (Computer­Aided Software Engineering) What are the attributes of good software?  What are the key challenges facing softwa...

Engr 355 Overview and INSTRUCTION set-1

Microprocessors vs. Microcontrollers MCS-51 Register Banks Program Status Word Stack Pointer Register Addressing Indirect Addressing Immediate Addressing Absolute Addressing Indexed Addressing Arithmetic Logical Instructions Data Transfer Instructions - Internal Data Transfer Instructions - External Look-Up Tables Boolean Instructions Subroutines and Interrupts