Study Materials in General

GST 122 - Use of Library and Instruction

National LibraryPublic LibrarySpecial LibraryPrivate LibraryChildren LibrarySchool LibraryAcademic LibraryThe Organisation of a University LibraryR.S. Ranganathan Law of LibrarianshipLibrary Regulations and EtiquetteThe Library UserLibrary ClassificationConceptual Mode of Sources of InformationModern Technology in Libraries

GST 106 - Use of English

Communication and Oral CompositionDefinition of CommunicationThe Process of CommunicationConcept of InterferenceCode Switching and Code MixingOral CompositionPrinciples of Effective SpeakingReading SkillsFaulty Reading HabitsConceptual SkillsVocabulary ExpansionSkimming and ScanningAppreciating Literature in EnglishTypes of Novels

GST 104 (History and Philosophy of Science) - Scientific Method

IntroductionProcessFormulation of a QuestionHypothesisPredictionTestingAnalysisOther Components

GST 104 - History and Philosophy of Science (Course note)

IntroductionEnvironmental Science and Pure ScienceThe Physical EnvironmentLayers of the AtmosphereThe LithosphereThe BiosphereThe Ecosystem ConceptThe First Law of ThermodynamicEnvironmental Carrying CapacityPollution, Hazard and DisasterGeneral Effects of PollutionPlastic and Textile WastePhoto Degradation vs BiodegradationDecomposition of Plastic WastesRecycling and Zero Waste ConceptChemical and Radioactive WastePhilosophical Basis of Science and Technology in the Environment

GST 103 - Note on Nigerian People and Culture

Nigerian Historical OriginPost Colonial Period in BriefCulture and Cultural PracticesEnculturation ProcessClassification of CultureUniversal CultureMarriage as a ConceptTypes of MarriageForms of Marriage in NigeriaDivorce as a Concept

The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Food Systems in Zambia

This short study focuses on the impacts caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the Zambian food systems and the the suggested possible innovations that can be implemented to address the adverse effects of the pandemic.

(Fashion Theory) Sewing Machine Faults and Remedies

This work teaches the different sewing machine faults and remedies.