Common Law Study Materials

Are Healthcare Workers Immune from Professional Negligence? A Review of Cases of Bolam and Bolitho

During the early 1950s, when the NHS was in its golden era, the medical profession was still “unregulated and paternalistic” in approach. Consequently, the medical profession had enjoyed an unreserved obedience from patients, and treated with great reverence by the society. John Hector Bolam1 was a patient who sustained fractures because the defendants applied unmodified electro-convulsive therapy on him. So, his suit for negligence provided the much needed opportunity for grounding the p...

The Position of the Legal Practitioners Act on the Legal Duty of the Legal Practitioner: Contrasted with the US and UK Provisions

In this work, there is an illumination of the liability of legal practitioners to their clients and by paying careful attention to the provisions of the Legal Practitioner Act 1962, CAP 207 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria. This work also observes the provisions of the United Kingdom, as well as the United States, regards professional negligence.