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Contract law

Breach of a contract does not discharge it; it gives the innocent party an opportunity to treat the contract as repudiated or as existing. If it treats the contract as existing, it is bound to honour its part however, if it treats it as repudiated it is not bound to do so.


Introduction. Judicial precedent means the process whereby judges follow previously decided cases where the facts are of succinct similarity. The doctrine of judicial precedent involves an application of the principle of stare decisis that is to say, to stand by the decision. In practice, this means that lower courts are bound to apply the legal principles set down by superior courts in earlier cases. The doctrine of precedent is a common law invention that was developed by courts and jurists...


This paper introduces students to the concept of international human rights law, tracing the concept of rights ( but in brief) from different times and civilizations. It gives an overview of the legal and institutional frame work for international human rights law, and defines terms that are important for understanding the subject.

Copyright Law In Uganda: Study Notes

The paper gives a brief introduction to copyright law in Uganda, focusing on the definion of "copyright," and other terms that are pertinent in appreciating the subject of copyright law. Different topic such as works capable of copyright protection and works not capable of copyright protection, copyright infringement, defenses, moral and economic rights, and transfer of copyright, are covered.

Evidence Act, 2011

Main Menu (Section 1-3) Part I - General (Section 4-13) Part II - Relevance (Section 14-36) Part III - Relevance and Admisibility of Evidence (Section 37-82) Part IV - Hearsay, Opinion and Character Evidence: Relevance and Admissibility (Section 83-120) Part V - Documentary Evidence (Section 121-124) Part VI - Proof (Section 125-127) Part VII - Oral Evidence and the Inspection of Real Evidence (section 128-130) Part VIII - Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence (Section 131-144) Part IX - ...

Law in Social Context

The phrase 'legal method' is made up of two words -'legal' and 'method.' The word "method," in ordinary parlance, means a way of doing something or the quality of being well planned and organized.1 The word "legal," which is an adjective, connotes something connected with the law.2 Law operates in a society based on certain methods, that is, in accordance with certain processes, which must be properly understood for law to be put to best uses as an instrument of social control. Legal method c...

Law 101: Extra Case Material (Kanu v Asuzu and Anor)

Conflicting Decisions the position of the law where a lower court is faced with conflicting decisions. The settled position of the law is that where there are two confliction decisions of the courts or court.

LAW 205 (Nigerian Legal System I) - Course Outline and Reading List

Teaching Methodology The instruction will be carried out by lecture method, question and answer, case analysis, and discussion.  The delivery approach will be through the use of the white board or presentation. Diagrams and other practical examples may also be utilized as teaching aid.

LAW 209 - National Environmental Standard and Regulations Enforcement Agency Establishment Act

An act to provide for the establishment of the National Environmental Standards and Regulations of the agency charged with the responsibility of the protection and development of the environment in Nigeria and for related matters.

Benue State Gazette - A Law to Establish the Benue State Environmental Sanitation Authority and for Purposes Connected Therewith

This law may be cited as the Benue State Environmental Sanitation Authority law 2005 and shall come into force on the 24th of March. In this law agency means any body or person or organ exercising any function or power. 

Privity of Contract

Generally speaking only a who has furnished the consideration to a party can enforce right and obligations arising under such a contract. Invariably only a contract can sue on it. A party who has not furnished consideration to a contract is regarded in the law as a third party to such a contract that is an outsider.

Law 205 (Nigeria Legal System) - Sources of Nigerian Law

Source of law generally refers to the ultimate origin of a whole body of the system the origin from which the it derives it validity. Source of law also means the fountain of the authority of the law. 

History of the Legal Profession

The current form of the legal profession in Nigeria dates back to the colonial era and its the adaptation of the British model. Prior to 1961 there were no indigenous institution in Nigeria responsible for legal education. Therefore persons who wished to practise as legal practitioners in Nigeria received their training outside. 

Legal Maxim

A Legal Maxim is an established principle or proposition. The Latin term, apparently a variant on maxima, is not to be found in Roman law with any meaning exactly analogous to that of a legal maxim in the Medieval or modern sense of the word, but the treatises of many of the Roman jurists on Regular definitions, and Sententiae juris are, in some measure, collections of maxims. Most of the Latin maxims developed in the Medieval era in European countries that used Latin as their language for la...

Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999

Submenu (Section 1-12) Chapter I - General Provisions Part I - Federal Republic of Nigeria 1. Supremacy of constitution. 2. The Federal Republic of Nigeria. 3. States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Part II - Powers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 4. Legislative powers. 5. Executive powers. 6. Judicial powers. 7. Local government system. 8. New states and boundary adjustment, etc. 9. Mode of altering provisions of the constitution. 10. Prohibition o...

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