Cleaning Business Plan

Cleaning Business Plan

Utibe Cleaning Ltd. is a professional cleaning company in Alimosho LGA, Lagos State that will service small commercial businesses and residences. Aside from basic janitorial services, Utibe Cleaning Ltd. provide different services such as cleaning for new buildings, residential homes and offices/companies, these include; Borehole maintenance: such as the washing of Tanks and flushing of block pipes, Swimming pool maintenance, Fumigation Services, Laundry Services, Floor Restoration, Janitorial Services, and Interior decoration. We are committed to only providing friendly and quality service at affordable prices. All employees will undergo and complete a training program where they will learn and master the highest cleaning standards for every situation.

Founded by Mr Utibe Etim, a business administration professional with over 10 years’ experience in the field. The business was started due to the menial job the CEO does after school through which he got encouraged to turn it into a business as he’s well skilled at it. We plan on using the company as an avenue to create job opportunities for people within our community and work as a team to provide high-class cleaning services to all. We look to bring a difference into the cleaning market here in Alimosho, Lagos State and give customers value for their money. We want to give the average person who doesn’t want to go through the stress of cleaning their homes, offices, tanks, pools, and floors the satisfaction of having their space looking sparkling clean. Mr Utibe is also a proponent of getting acquainted with each and every client to ensure an open line of communication for all feedback and questions.

The company will start-up with 5 full-time staff members, and additional labour will be hired depending on the workload at the given time. The CEO will be charged with the duty of interviewing, hiring/firing employees, monitor performance, perform payroll duties, direct sales, bill clients, purchase equipment & supplies, observe daily financial information, maintain the website, and assist with cleaning. Employees are vital components of providing a professional, quality cleaning service; therefore, Utibe Cleaning Ltd. will provide adequate pay, additional employee benefits, and extensive application processes to extract the highest quality of customer service from all employees.

Setting up a flexible period for cleaning is crucial to both Utibe Cleaning Ltd. and clients. Utibe Cleaning Ltd. will service each business client once or twice per week or month, depending on the agreement in the contract signed.

Utibe Cleaning Ltd. estimates a total project cost of 4,500,000.00. The CEO is seeking an investment sum of 4,000,000.00 in addition to the sum of 500,000.00 which he’ll be investing in the business. The funds will be used in the procurement of cleaning equipment & supplies, lease payments, payroll, and additional working capital needs. The breakout of the funding is below:

·         Leasehold Improvement – 225,000

·         Equipment – 762,500

·         Furniture and Fixtures – 140,000

·         Inventory – 850,000

·         Consultation – 70,000

·         Rent – 350,000

·         Utility Deposits – 150,000

·         Stationery/Supplies – 200,000

·         Advertising and Promotions – 150,000

·         Licenses – 50,000

·         Other Initial Start-Up Costs – 175,800

·         Working Capital (Cash on Hand) – 1,176,700

Utibe Cleaning Ltd. does not require an extensive amount of capital. Total start-up costs of cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, office equipment & supplies equal, and deposits are 3,323,300. The remaining 1,176,700 of the total project cost will be used for working capital. Leased office space will cost 350,000 annually.

In the coming years, we will ensure that we grow the business size to commensurate the company’s growth, this way we can increase our market share and gain more clients. With this step, we are sure to increase profit and market share which in turn favours the business.

We will also take advantage of the internet to create awareness about our business and the services we offer; this is part of the sustainable practices that will be adopted at Utibe Cleaning Ltd.

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary3

1.1 Company Benefits4

1.2 Business Objectives4

1.3 Vision4

1.4 Mission5

1.5 Keys to Success5

2.0 Company Summary5

2.1 Company Ownership6

2.2 Location and facilities6

2.3 Start-Up Summary7

Table: Start-up Funding8

3.0 Service Description8

3.1 Service Features and Benefits9

4.0 Market Analysis9

4.0.1 Market Summary9

4.0.2 Barriers to Entry10

4.0.3 Marketing Plan10

4.1 Target Market11

4.2 Industry Analysis12

4.3 SWOT Analysis12

4.3.1 Strengths13

4.3.2 Weakness13

4.3.3 Opportunities13

4.3.4 Threats13

4.4 External Environmental Analysis13

4.5 Marketing Strategy14

4.6 Publicity and Advertising Strategy14

4.7 Sales Forecast16

4.9 Sustainability and Expansion Strategy17

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary18

5.1 Competitive Edge19

6.0 Management Summary19

6.1 Management Team20

6.2 Personnel Plan20

Table: Employee Payroll20

Table: Payroll Year 120

Table: Payroll Year 1-321

7.0 Financial Plan21

7.1 Breakeven Analysis21

7.2 Projected Profit and Loss21

7.3 Projected Cash Flow23

7.4 Projected Balance Sheet24

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