Day Care Business Plan

Day Care Business Plan

A daycare or crèche is a place where babies between 1year to 3years, they are toddlers, young children kept during the daytime while their parents are busy with work or other activities. The centre is a playground/classroom setting where the teachers or the baby setters and these young-lings hang out, they play, they rest, they eat and they are taking care of by a handler who is trained to do so and at a particular time the parents can come pick them up.

There are many young couples at this time who have jobs of their own and need childcare services, couples in this category tend to look for a daycare centre close to their house or place of work where it is easier for them to drop-off and pick-up their kids at any time.

Daycare business is on the rise as the number of full-time housewives in the cities of Nigeria is declining rapidly. Many Nigerian women are now working at paid jobs or running their small businesses which require them to be out of their homes for a specific period unlike before.

Because of this, there is a growing opportunity for convenience services like daycare Centre businesses or as otherwise known in the modern age Crèche. More middle-class families can now afford these services and appreciate the value it brings to their children’s early mental, emotional development and their comfort.

Table of Contents

i.    Introduction2

1.0 Executive Summary2

1.1 Benefits3

1.2 Objectives3

1.3 Vision4

1.4 Mission4

1.5 Keys to Success4

2.0 Company Summary5

2.1 Company Ownership5

2.2 Location and facilities5

2.3 Start-Up Summary6

Table: Start-up Funding7

3.0 Service7

3.1 Future Services7

4.0 Market Analysis8

4.0.1 Market Summary8

4.0.2 Market Size9

4.0.3 Market Drivers9

4.0.4 Market Restraints9

4.0.5 Market Trends9

4.0.6 Opportunities and Recommendations in The Child Care Market10

4.0.7 Marketing Plan10

4.1 Target Market11

4.2 Challenges Facing Child Care Services in Nigeria11

4.3 SWOT Analysis12

4.3.1 Strengths12

4.3.2 Weakness12

4.3.3 Opportunities13

4.3.4 Threats13

4.4 External Environmental Analysis13

4.5 Marketing Strategy13

4.6 Publicity and Advertising Strategy14

4.7 Sales Forecast15

4.8 Sustainability and Expansion Strategy17

5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary17

5.1 Competitive Edge18

6.0 Management Summary19

6.1 Management Team19

6.2 Personnel Plan19

7.0 Financial Plan20

7.1 Breakeven Analysis20

7.2 Projected Profit and Loss21

7.3 Projected Cash Flow23

7.4 Projected Balance Sheet24

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