Workplace Induction Checklist Template

Workplace Induction Checklist Template

Induction checklist helps welcome a new employee into their new role and helps them settle down quickly to work

An effective induction will help an employee become familiar with:

  • The people they work with
  • The immediate working environment 
  • The purpose of the role, what they will be expected to achieve
  • The important policies and procedures that they should become familiar with


What is the Purpose Induction Checklist?

A checklist should ensure that both the new employee and their line manager know what has or has not been covered at any given time.They both need a copy which should be kept up to date, so they can follow what is happening. It can also act as a reminder of anything that needs particular attention.

While a checklist is helpful, it should not turn the induction into a tick-box exercise. It should be the responsibility of both management and the new starter to ensure all items are properly covered. The checklist is often drawn up by the employer’s HR department in consultation with other staff involved, such as a safety officer, line manager/supervisor, employee representative and training officer

A written plan for your induction avoids the chance of overlooking an important item and gives the benefit of being able to “tick off” points after discussion.  

How Long Should Induction Last?

Induction should be spread over the first few weeks/months of the employee time with the company so that they are not overwhelmed with too much information.

How Should Inductions be Evaluated?

Induction programmes should be evaluated to check that company needs and the needs of your employee are being met.  New employees should be asked to feedback confidentially on their induction experience.  The feedback received will be used to enhance future induction programmes.

This is a template an employer can modify or develop to meet its needs. 

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