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The Socio-economic Analysis Of Small Scale Fish Farming Enterprise In Lagos State Fish Farm Estate, Ikorodu, Nigeria

This study was conducted to evaluate the socio-economic analysis of small scale fish farming enterprise of the Lagos state fish farming estate in Ikorodu, Nigeria....

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Morphometric And Meristics Characteristics Of Erpetoichthys Calabaricus From Wetland Of Ogun Water-side Local Government Area

A study was conducted to assess the meristic and morphorlogical features, variation in strain and the length-weight relationship of 60 fish samples of Erpetoichthys calabaricus...

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Characterization Of Genetic Strains In Clariid Species, Clarias Gariepinus And Heterobranchus Bidorsalis Using Microsatellite Markers

This study examined the population structure and genetic distance between two Clariid species, Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus bidorsalis using microsatellite markers....

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Assessment Of Socio-economic And Ecological Activities Of Oyan And Opeji Lakes, Ogun State, Nigeria

The study was carried out on the socio-economic and ecological activities of the fishers in Oyan and Opeji Lakes in Ogun State....

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