A Case Study In Four Primary Schools

The study on the investigation of the causes of pupils’ indiscipline was carried out in thu rout uIii inc primary schools in Kängai sub—county, Dolcolo District. Ike respondents purposively chosen in the study were from four schools. These consisted of ciaht parents, twenty teachers and fourty pupils to make a total of sixty eight respondents. In the process oF collecting data, the researcher used designed questionnaire for teachers and interview guide lhr both pupils and parents. The researcher further went a head by consulting sonic related literature on the problem under investigation. This was done in line ~wth tue stated objectives. ~ceording to the investigation, the data collected and analyzed revealed “negative attitude oVards education’ as the leading cause of pupils’ indiseipline in the primary schools. [he researcher therelbre recommended that guidance and counseling services should be oliered o pupils by both parents and teachers from in and outside the school environments.

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