A Study Of Cardiac Diseases Using Multi-Slice (MSCT) Computed Tomography


The aim of this study was to study the cardiac diseases using Multi slice computed tomography (MSCT) and to determine the diagnostic value of (MSCT). Patient underwent MS CT study for coronary artery angiography and calcium scoring test by using axial and 3D image.135 Sudanese patients (73 males and 62females) their ages ranged (16-80) years were enrolled in the study in National Rebat Hospital Omer Sawi complex and Royal diagnosis center in the period from (2016-2018). Exclusion criteria were patient with unstable angina, allergic to iodinated contrast material, renal Insufficiency, severe respiratory function impairment, heart failure and pregnant women. The demographic parameters including age, sex, and weight. All patients had undergone a contrast material– enhanced, retrospectively electrocardiographically gated coronary CT angiographic examination, which was performed by using a MSCT scanner with Injection rate 3-5mL .Patient take beta blocker one day before the exam. Patient fasting at least 6 hours before the examined .Two views were taken anterioposterior and lateral localize the area of the study then we done calcium scoring test firstly then coronary computed tomography the amount of contrast (ominupaque)are about 70-100 ml. The image evaluated and the data was collected using data sheet which contained the patient name age weight sex then the images were diagnosis by radiologist. All the data were analyzed using SPSS program. Categorical data were presented as frequencies and percentages .Normally distributed continuous data were presented as means ± standard deviations. The result are displayed as tables and V graphs. The result are the male are more affected (69%)by cardiac diseases than women(64%).The cardiac diseases is more affected in old age patient mean age (56.6) the age group 50_70 represent (67.4 %) and opacity persons the mean weight (73.5 ).The common diseases are the atherosclerosis (6%) by its three type calcified and non-calcified and mixed. The calcium high score in multiple degree (20.7%).The coronary stenosis (24.4%) and the left branch is more affected (15%) than the right one (9%). The stenosis which affect (one 16- two 16 and three 1). There are several diseases like infarction (3.7%) aortic aneurysm (4.4%) ventricular aneurysm (3.7%) and aortic calcification (1.5%) pericardial effusion (3.7%).The study concluded that MSCT has great value in measuring cardiac diseases and is a reliable, non-invasive, appropriate tool for diagnosing patients with cardiac and coronary arteries diseases and has a great value in clinical settings. 

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