Adaptive E-learning System

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Adaptive learning for individual learners has recently become popular in education. This study examines Adaptive E-learning system. Meanwhile, the purpose of this study is to examine if Adaptive E-learning system caters for the needs of students to personalize learning contents or materials tailored to the individual student. To achieve this, the descriptive research method was used. This study used an Adaptive E-learning System that is Google Classroom platform for learning Microsoft Excel. Using simple random sampling technique a total of 200 undergraduate students were selected from the department of computer in Tai Solarin University of Education all were final year students.  Four research questions guided the study. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data for the study. The data collected were analyzed using the statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) version 21.0 computer program for windows. The research questions were analyzed using Mean and Standard deviation.

Research result revealed that presentation of learning content with Adaptive E-learning system is simple and clear which support students to understand the learning content with ease, Adaptive E-learning system makes learning more interesting to students makes content learning attractive which improves their learning style. It also showed that the presentation of Adaptive E-learning system in media, text version and audio model makes it suitable for students to learn and improve them in learning more, It is agreed that Adaptive E-learning system display the learning content in stages such that it improve students in  learning and hence enhance their understanding of the material content. It further revealed that Adaptive E-learning system caters for individual student and provides a unique and highly focus learning path for individual students, and hence it caters for individual needs as learner to personalized learning content. To end this this research, the study recommended that Adaptive E-learning system should be introduce to students and to be used to present learning content as well. Teaching and learning with Adaptive E-learning system should be encourage at all levels

Keywords:E-Learning,Adaptive E-Learning System

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