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Establishment of Electromagnetic Distance Measurement (EDM) Calibration Base

Electromagnetic Distance Measurement (EDM) equipment is calibrated on a base to determine  instrument constants and errors. A series of measurements on a base can also be used to check  the performance and reliability of the instrument over time and to assess its precision against  the manufacturer's specifications. This research work, the establishment of Electromagnetic  Distance Measurement (EDM) calibration base entails the setting up of a functional base where  calibration of e...

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Evaluation of Inhibitory Zone Diameter (IZD), Phytochemical Screening, Elemental Composition and Proximate Analysis of Crude Cleistopholis Patens Leaf

This purpose of this study is to determine the Inhibitory zone diameter (Izd), phytochemical screening, elemental composition and proximate analysis of crude Cleistopholis patens leaf, bark, aqueous and ethanol extracts on selected pathogenic isolates. The leaf and bark of Cleistopholis patens plants were obtained from a location in the southwestern part of Nigeria, in the tropical rainforest of Ikare Akoko, Ondo state and Ile Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. The six (6) bacterial isolates include E...

Application of Forward Difference Operator on Sequence of numbers

A new formula based on forward difference operator is derived herein, the formula is used to compute the nth term and sum (Sn) of an Arithmetic progression. The merit of using the formula is that if given ,  the nth term of an A.P can be easily and quickly computed if n is not known.


Hepatitis B is an infection of your liver. It can cause scarring of the organ, liver failure, and cancer. It can be fatal if it isn’t treated.It’s spread when people come in contact with the blood, open sores, or body fluids of someone who has the hepatitis B virus. The disease don’t last a long time. Your body fights it off within a few months, and you’re immune for the rest of your life.Hepatitis B is a contagious liver infsection caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV).  ...


Abstract BackgroundNewcastle disease  is a highly contagious disease of birds caused by Paramyxovirus. Birds mostly affected by Paramyxovirus virus includes; chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and guinea fowls. Newcastle disease however, remains a worldwide problem. There are three major strains of Newcastle disease virus and they are velogenic, mesogenic and lentogenic strains respectively. These viral strains reflects the severity of the disease pathotypes. In the medical laboratory,  these...

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AbstractPhysical Separation process refers to all the mineral separation techniques that are based on exploiting the differences in specific physical properties of the mineral such as specific gravity, magnetic properties, thermal and electrical conductivity. Physical separation techniques are usually preferred for economic reasons. Physical separation techniques include;•Gravity separation process•Classifiers•Magnetic separation process•Electrical separation process•Separati...

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Scope of Presentation 1. Definition of light metals/alloys. 2. Examples of light metals. 3. Characteristics/properties of light metals. 4. Trends in production and applications of light alloys. 5. Production of light metals

Secured Communication

Secured Communication involves Encryption process at the sending end and Decryption process at the receiving end of the communication system. Many Ciphers have been developed to provide data security. The efficiency of the Ciphers that are being used depends mainly on their throughput and memory requirement. Using large keyspaces with a huge number of rounds with multiple complex operations may provide security but at the same time affects the speed of operation. Hence in this thesis, an Inte...

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The drive behind this research work cannot be far-fetched from the quest to precisely predict how effectively welded low carbon steel pipes will function in industrial service applications requiring subjecting them to service use at elevated temperature as a function of inferences drawn from a critical study of the corrosion behavior of these welded steel pipes in both acidic and salty environment. To this end, a particular low carbon steel pipe of known chemical composition was section...

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ABSTRACT The objective of this research is to design and implement a computerized Online Bank Verification Number System for Nigerian Bank Customers in the Diaspora. This project was motivated because of the fact that Nigerian bank customers in the Diaspora are barred from having access to their fund in Nigerian banks without BVN, therefore they are required to come back for biometric capture before they can operate on those accounts. The methodology adopted for this research is Str...

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ABSTRACT  Staff records play a significant role in an organization as it provides information needed to manage their employees’ performance. Many organizations particularly the government agencies are still using the conventional methods which are merely paper-based to record the data of their employees, this often result in downright waste of time in generating reports or searching for employees’ records and loss or damage of files. These inadequacies in the conventional method ar...

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User Acceptability and Usability of Internet Banking In Nigeria: Case Study Of Zenith Bank Plc

ABSTRACTThis study examines the acceptability and usability of Internet banking in Nigeria. One outstanding bank out of the twenty five (25) on-line banks that retained their brand names after the consolidation was studied in terms of factors affecting its online banking users’ acceptability and usability of its services and products.           The model used is a slight modification of the theory of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as proposed by Diniz in 1998, with an...

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The Impact(s) of Wi-Fi Usage on The Behavioral Pattern Of Students In Iuctt Sri Damansara Campus Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This study examines the impact(s) of Wi-Fi usage on the behavioral pattern of students in IUCTT Sri Damansara Campus. International University College of Technology Twintech is one of the private institutions of Higher learning in Malaysia.   The model used is a slight modification of the theory of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as proposed by Diniz in 1998, with an additional factor such as security and privacy, risk, and trust, Socioeconomic /Psychological factors as well as Ope...

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BRAND SWITCHING PROBLEMS (Using the 4major GSM providers in Nigeria as case study.

 With respect to the overview and the information provided by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) a research was carried out on the users of the four major network operators in Lagos sub-geographical region. However the objectives of this research was to x-ray the activities of this four major network providers amidst its users determiningThe most acceptable network provider/leading telecom provider with the largest subscriber base.The switching of brands amidst the users and the re...

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