Accessing the Impact of Advertising on Product Performance (A Case Study of P.Z Nigeria Limited)

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Title page                                                                                    i

Certification                                                                                 ii                 

Dedication                                                                                   iii      

Acknowledgement                                                                       iv-v   

Table of contents                                                                         vi-viii


1.1     Background of the study                                                    1-2    

1.2     Aims and objective of the study                                        2-3    

1.3     Significance of the study                                                   3       

1.4     Statement of the problem                                                   4-5    

1.5     Scope and limitation of the study                                      5-6    

1.6     Definition of the study                                                       6-7    

1.7     Historical background of the case study                            7-9    


2.0     Literature review                                                               10-14

2.1     Concept of advertising                                                       14-16

2.2     Differences between advertising and promotion                16-18

2.3     The rational for advertising                                               18-19

2.4     The process of advertising                                                 19-20

2.5     The impact of advertising                                                  20-22

2.6     The importance of advertising                                           22-24

2.7     Problems of advertising                                                     24-26


3.0     Research methodology                                                      27

3.1     Population and sampling size                                             27

 3.2    Research Approach                                                           27-28

3.3     Data Collection Instrument                                                28-29

3.4     Administration of instrument                                             30-31

3.5     Method of data analysis                                                     31-32


Presentation of data analysis                                                        33

4.1     Introduction                                                                       33

4.2     Data presentation                                                               33-34

4.3     Data analysis                                                                     34-45



Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1     Summary of findings                                                         46

5.2     Conclusion                                                                        47-48

5.3     Recommendation                                                               48-49

5.4     Suggestion for further studies                                            49-50

          Appendix                                                                           51-52

          References                                                                         53



          Advertising is one of the major tools companies use to direct persuasive communication to target buyers and the public. It consists of non-personal forms of communication conducted through paid media under clear sponsorship. The spender included not any commercial firms but museums, fund raisers and various social-action organization seeking to advertise their causes to various target public. Infact, the twenty-sixth largest advertising spender is an non-profit organization in the USA government. The advertising dollars goes into the various media: magazine, newspapers, space, radio and television, outdoor displays (poster, sions sky writing) direct mail novelties (match boxes, blotters calenders) card cars, but catalogue directories and circular. Advertising has many used, long term building of the organization image (Institutional Advertising) long term build up of a particular brand (brand advertising) information dissemination about a sales service (classified advertising) announcement of a special sales (sales advertising) and advocacy of a particular cause (advocacy advertising). Although; advertising is primarily a private enterprises marketing tools, it is used in all the countries of the world, including socialist countries. Advertising is a cost effective way to disseminate message, whether is to build brand preference for coca-cola all over the world or to motivate a developing nations consumers to drink milk or practice birth controls. Organization obtain their advertising in different ways. In small companies, advertising is handle by someone in the sales department who work with an advertising department , whose manager report to the vice-president to develop the total budget, approve advertising agency adverts and campaign and handle direct-mail advertising, dealer display and other firms of advertising not ordinarily performed by the agency.

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