Accidents and Hazards in Construction of Bridges

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Incidents and risks which face workers during the construction of bridges leading to material and human losses negatively affect the lives of workers . Study aimed to identify the types of incidents and risks which face workers during the construction of bridges And how to make sound and healthy work environment, as well as dealing with some of the incidents that occur during the construction of bridges and Information was collected through a questionnaire, engineers and workers from the Director of major aldubaseen The volume of the sample 50 people The results showed that the most common accidents are accidents fall from scaffolding and welding without prevention and falling from the stairs and accidents due to breakdowns in tankers and equipment As well as the study showed that the most serious incidents on the lives of workers are falling from scaffolding that emanates from the roof and electrical welding without prevention Study also indicated that the impact of the incidents Construction companies in terms of reduced productivity and disturbances in the work of corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of incidents claims work injuries and accidents and all those influences have an impact on the cost, time, and the project Recommended by the study to make sure that the work does not negatively impact on the health of the workers Safety is very important part of the everyday activities of workers. Improve morale and productivity. Honoring and rewarding safe work practices VII Whenever there is a violation of safety rules, should be the implementation of: •First offense - verbal warning proper education on the violation of safety and codified in the file of staff •Second offense - written warning with a copy placed in the file of staff. Third contravention. Recognizes the two written reprimands in any period of 12 months may lead to suspension. Fourth offense -Expulsion of the work Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy Many of the employers to establish programs of drug abuse, these programs may require a test before recruitment, as well as the roles of random drugs or alcohol," The health and safety programs for all of the work, any electrical safety, prevention of fall, closed areas, and protection of the respiratory system, and the right to knowledge, etc. Visit work sites on a regular basis to assess the implementation and effectiveness of the programs apply to the workplace • Appointment of persons qualified for Identifying areas of "high risk" operation, and the prioritization of inspection

Table of content page

Abstract VI

List of contents VIII



1.2 Problem Statement 4

1.3 Objectives of research 4

1.4 Hypothesis address 5

1.5 Scope and Limitation of Study 5

1.6 Significance of study 5



2.1 Cause study:Dubaseen bridge 6

2.2 Type of accidents in construction of bridges 8

2.2.1 Exposure to radiation, chemicals, and lead paint 9 Blood lead levels–health effect 9

2.2.2 Equipment-Related Accidents 11

2.2.3 Falls 13

2.2.4 Negligence-Related Accidents 18

2.2.5 Accidents related to weathers 19

2.1.6 High noise level 19

2.2.7 Fear of heights and dizziness 20

2.2.8 Repetitive Motion Injuries, Heat Stroke, and Other Overexertion 20

2.3 Workplace hazards 21

2.3.2 Biological and chemical hazards 23

2.3.3 Psychosocial hazards 24

2.3.4 Types of Medical Conditions Caused by Construction Injuries 25

2.4 Study about rate of accidents in world bridges from (Construction Industry Safety History book 26

2.4.1: 1883 Brooklyn Bridge 27

2.4.2: 1914 Panama Canal 28

2.4.3: 1936 San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge 29

2.4.4: Golden Gate Bridge 1937 30

2.5 Recordable Injury Rate 30

2.6 Lost Time Injury 31

2.7 General Industrial Accidents 31

2.8 Slips and Trips at Work 32


3.1 Research Methodology 33

3.2 Data collection 33

3.3 Questionnaire Design 34

3.3.1 Part1: the most frequent accidents I 34

3.3.2 Part2: The most serious incidents on the lives of workers 35

3.3.3 Part3: The Economic Impact of Site Accidents on the Construction Companies 36

3.3.4 Data analysis 36


4.1 Type of The most frequent accidents 38

4.2 Type of the most serious incidents on the lives of workers 40

4.3 The Economic Impacts of Site Accidents in Construction bridges 43

4.4 The Insurance Policy toward the Workers in the Construction Companies 45

4.5 Companies have Department of Occupational Safety in Construction Companies 46

4.6 The Safety Program in the Construction Companies 47


5.1 Conclusions 48


REFERENCES :English Reference 51

English Questionnaire 54

Arabic Questionnaire 58

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