Agricultural Productivity and Yield Information System

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The concept of Agriculture products and yield information system has been described as the integration and utilization of information technology system in farming related operations. Agriculture is a traditional trade and operations involved in production, having largely remained habitual in nature. Traditional methods of farming incorporated little or no use of information technology, despite its potential for dramatically increasing operations efficiency. The incorporation of information technologies into farming involves the integration of diverse technologies, with each capable of positively impacting the efficiency of all agricultural activities, thereby promoting sustainable agricultural practice. This project is aimed at providing a broad base, easily accessible knowledge base for farmers, researchers and other stakeholders in agriculture business to enable them improve individually and collectively the practice of agriculture. The project was developed using the Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodology and implemented with Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP version 5.4.3) as scripting language, Asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language as the search engine development tool, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML version 5), Cascaded Style Sheet (CSS version 3) and MYSQL (version 5.5.24) as relational database server. The study adopted a multiple regression model for the estimation of agricultural crop yields.

Table of Contents

Title page i

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Dedication iv

Acknowledgment v

Abstract vi

Table of Contents vii

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.0 introduction 1

1.1 Statement of Problem 3

1.2 Aims/Objective of study 3

1.3 Significance of study 3

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.0 Introduction 4

2.1 Theoretical background 4

2.2 Review of Related Literature 7

Chapter 3: Systems Analysis and Design

3.0 Introduction 19

3.1 Description of the Existing system 20

3.2 Analysis of the Proposed 21

3.3 Design of the Proposed system 22

3.3.1 Database Design 27

3.3.2 System Architecture 29

3.3.3 Input Design 30

3.3.4 Output Design 34

3.3.5 Algorithm Design 35

Chapter 4: System Implementation

4.0 Introduction 36

4.1 Choice of development environment 36

4.2 Implementation Architecture 36

4.3 System Specification 38

4.4 Software Testing 38

4.5 Documentation 39

4.5.1 User Manual 39

4.5.3 Source code listing 40

Chapter 5: Summary and Conclusion

5.1 Summary 41

5.2 Conclusion 41

5.3 Recommendation 42

5.4 Suggested areas for Further Works 42

References 43

Appendices 49

Appendix A 49

Appendix B 57

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