An E-Wallet System For Crawford University


Over time, payment systems have been changing, this started with Trade by barter and now the era of electronic wallet. “Wallet” in the conventional sense of the term, refers to a purse or folding case for safely holding money. An electronic wallet refers to a digital way of holding money. This system also provides users with the features of making different kinds of payments on campus and also has a campus E-commerce platform attached to it. This is aimed at promoting cashless policy on campus, thus eradicating loss and theft of money.

The proposed was developed with PHP which is one of the most powerful tools of web development. Other programming tools such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript were used to create an effective E-wallet system for Crawford University. This documentation presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, scope of the study, significance of the study, aims and objectives. It also reviews some related literatures, describes the methodology of system design and gives an extensive description on the implementation of the system.

The E-wallet system will revolutionize payment system in Crawford University. This is a major upgrade to the existing Crawford dollars which failed due to forgery. However, the proposed system has various security measures thereby eradicating all sorts of theft and forgery.

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