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This project was aimed at developing an online book-bank monitoring system in Makerere University. The responsibility of monitoring book-banks in Makerere University is vested in the main library and is executed by the Bank-Bank section. It was intended to address the current problems encountered in using a manual system to monitor the activities of the book-banks. The study covered three book-banks namely; Faculty of Computing and IT, Faculty of Law and Department of Adult Education and Communication Studies (Institute of Adult and Continuing Education). Interviews, observation and questionnaires were used as data collection techniques. The project analyzes the system requirements and then comes up with the requirements specifications. It studies other related systems and then come up with system specifications. The system is then designed in accordance with specifications to satisfy the requirements. The system design is then implemented with MYSQL, PHP and HTML. The system is designed as an interactive and content management system. The content management system deals with data entry, validation and updating while the interactive system deals with system interaction with the users. The system is capable to largely address the problems mentioned in the existing system. It can generate reports on the total inventory of books in the system, books in each book-bank, list defaulters and other vital information required by the book-bank coordinator in the monitoring of the book-banks in the University.

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