Analysis and Management of Road Accident A Case Study (Ilorin- Omu Aran Road Kwara State)

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The major objective of this research is to examine the variation patterns of road traffic accident in Ilorin-Omu- Aran Road, Kwara State. The study used secondary data of Accident records and vehicular situation were obtained from the Nigeria police force (NPF) and Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). Chapter one of the projects deals and focused majorly on the general introduction which consist of the definition and meaning of road accident the aim and objectives of why the road accident should be minimized. It also consists of the scope of the study and its significance to the study generally.  Chapter two of this write-up deals with the literature review which consist of the view of research as to the multiple approaches to road accident, the causes of road accidents and the driver’s behaviors generally to highway and accident, which also incorporate in details the effects of speed on roads by drivers. The data presentation and analysis considered the accident causes and the nature, grouping it to fatal, serious, and minor. Using Ilorin- Omu Aran road as a case study include as the accidents photographs. The effect of accident was considered on the people who include the feelings and attitude of every deceased family and individual. Suggesting ways and for which methods accident data could be managed together with the prevention measure to a road accidents.


TITLE PAGE                                                                                                                                  i

APPROVAL PAGE                                                                                                                  ii

CERTIFICATION                                                                                                                   iii

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT                                                                                                       vi

ABSTRACT                                                                                                                           vii


1.0       INTRODUCTION                                                                                                      1

1.1       Aim and objectives of these project                                                                           3

1.3       Significance of project                                                                                              4

1.4       Scope of the project                                                                                                   5



2.1       The multiple approaches of highway accidents                                                         6          Accident Report and Statistics                                                                                              8                                                                                                                                             

2.3       A focuses on road layout and road characteristics                                                      9                                                     

2.4       The statistical analysis of road accident data                                                             9

2.5       Types of road traffic accident                                                                                     10

2.6       Causes of road accidents                                                                                            10

2.7       Drivers attitudes and highway accident                                                                      13

2.8       Speed and highway accident                                                                                       14


3.0       METHODOLOGY                                                                                                    16

3.1       Data presentation and analysis                                                                                      16                                                                                 

3.1       Tables                                                                                                                         18


 4.0      Result and discussion                                                                                                       25


5.0       CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION                                                         28

5.1       Conclusion                                                                                                                           28

5.2       Recommendation                                                                                                             28







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