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Animal production is an aspect of agricultural production. Agriculture is simply defined as the art and science of crop, animal and fibre production for human consumption. As a branch of agriculture, animal production deals with production of domesticated animals other than pets and game animals. As a subject matter it has roots in the natural sciences not only by the application of basic principles of science but also in theoretical foundations. Thus, animal production relates in certain aspects to zoology, pathology, genetics, microbiology, botany, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, statistics, mathematical and pharmaceutical sciences. Since animal production forms a central theme in the provision of essential human needs, the evolution of its practices over time has benefited from skills and knowledge acquired through cultural and scientific techniques. Both traditional and scientific skills have served useful purposes in the development and advancement of animal production. While the traditional technique often evolves slowly over several decades; conservative; limited to a locality or group of people and possibly extended by ancestral linkage; the scientific techniques has proven to be more versatile, and considered as a better alternative approach. It is more dependable in conveying knowledge and skills from an individual or from one place to another. Science-based skills much more than cultural skills are indeed more sustainable and profitable for individual farmers and nations applying them in their production activities or systems. Far beyond meeting social, economic, nutritional and profitability targets application of scientific principles in animal production has sustained productivity to barely satisfy the present level of world demands for animal products.

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