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AGE 213– Introduction to Seminar Writing (Assignment)

Instructions: 1. Work on the assignments individually. 2. All the student’s details must be clearly indicated on the cover page (i.e., Surname, Initials, and a student number). 3. The submission must be made by students via Blackboard on or before the submission date. 4. All the assignments must be typed using arial font, size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. 5. The references used for your assignment should not be older than 10 years. 6. No late submission will be accepted.

PSB 100- Past Exam Questions

1. Discuss three modes of heterotrophic nutrition found in fungi  a. With the aid of a diagram describe the alternation of generation in a moss plant b. Enumerate five characteristics of pteridophyta 2. Name four groups of algae with examples b. briefly describe the economic use of algae with examples

PSB 101- Gymnosperms

Gymnosperms are flowerless plants that produce cones and seeds. The term literally means naked seeds as they are not encased within an ovary. Rather they sit exposed on the surface of the leaf like structures called bracts

Sexual Reproduction in Animals

Sexual reproduction is the production of a new organism from two parents by making use of their sex cells or gametes. In this process male gametes fuses with a female gamete to form a new cell called ‘zygote’. This zygote then grows and develops in to a new organism in due course of time. Sometimes sex cells or gametes are also called as germ cells. The humans, fish, frogs, cats, dogs etc. all reproduce by the method of sexual reproduction.

PSB 101: Diversity of Plants

Gymnosperms Kingdom Plantae Ferns


Concept of Soil Fertility and Productivity Fertility in Tropical Soils, N, P, K and S Content in Soils and their physiological role in plants Their forms and transformation in soils Fertilizer and Fertilizer Management, their Manufacturers, Sources, Application Methods, Rates and Timing, Handling and Storage of Fertilizers. Fertility Evaluation and Fertilizer Recommendations for Crops Radioisotopes in Soil/Plant System Crop Growth and Response to Soil Nutrients Absorption, Maintenance and Los...


Seed Kinds of Seeds Types of Seeds GM Seed (Genetically Modified Seeds) Problems of pollination Agamospermy Horticulture The nature of seeds Types of pollination Methods of Pollination Development of a Seed Seed Germination Development of Fruit and Fruit Types

Crop Husbandry (CRP 521) Lecture Note on Cocoa

ORIGIN Production Growing Cacao Management and Harvesting Major pests and diseases of cocoa Economics of cocoa Sustainability and cocoa production Research and impact

CRP 512 Course Notes on Legumes 2020/2021 Session

Legumes overview Identification of some legumes (Soybean, Cowpea, Groundnut) Production of some common legumes in Nigeria

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