Automated Canteen Ordering system.


Nowadays people do not have much time to spend in canteen by just waiting for the waiter to take their order. Many customers visit the canteen in their lunch break and recess, so they have limited time to eat and return to their respective offices and colleges. So, this software helps them to save time and order food whenever they want without calling the waiter again and again.

Manual system involves paperwork in the form of maintaining various files and manuals. Maintaining critical information in the files and manuals is full of risks and tedious process. Including a framework showing how to apply internet technology progressively as skills and confidence grow, the project demonstrates the routes from adapting materials to developing an online environment.

This canteen automation system enables the end users to register online, read and select the food from the e-menu card and order food online by just selecting the food that the user want to have. The results after selecting the food from the E-menu card will directly appear in the screen near the chef who is going to cook the food for you. The system is the combination of android, iOS, as well as web application.

The tools used in developing this system includes PHP, CSS, JavaScript. HTML, MySQL. HP laptop.

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