Boat Terminal, Port-Harcourt “A Study of Circulation”

ABSTRACT Rivers State, The ‘Treasure Base Of The Nation’ and a commercial nerve centre of the Nation has over the years been confronted with the problem of rapid growing human and vehicular traffic congestion. This problem is largely caused by the rate of rural-urban migration of people into Rivers State. In fact, recent statistics have shown that over 10,000 people enter Rivers State on a daily basis. This figure results to an estimated five million people that move around Rivers State on a daily basis. This geometric increase in population of people in Rivers State as against a rather static infrastructure (road network) development has resulted to a multiplicity of transportation problems in several parts of Rivers State one of which is Port-Harcourt with estimated population of over 2 million is not just affected by transportation problem but also by poor transportation induced problems such as poverty and retarded economic development. Fortunately, Port-Harcourt is blessed with one viable source of economic development especially in the transportation sector; water. This thesis therefore is intended to examine the present situation of inland water transportation system in Rivers State (with special focus on (Port-Harcourt town) as it relates to terminals, and there after proffer architectural design solutions to the circulation problems associated with them. Chapter one is the introduction of the topic in a broad spectrum, Chapter two goes on to explain the theoretical framework of the proposed scheme, with emphasis on its need and viability. Chapter three focuses on case studies of existing, purpose-built Boat Terminal facility. Chapter four treats site study which includes climatic and topographical analysis of the proposed site for the project will be treated as well as planning principles. Chapter five, design synthesis and concept will be treated.

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