1.Nigerian Legal System

a.Definition of Law

b.Nature of Law

c.Classification of Laws

d.Sources of Law

•Customary Law 

•Received English Law

Common Law


Statutes of General Application 

•Islamic Law

•Statutes and Legislations

•Judicial Precedents

e.Nigerian Court System

2.Law of Contract


b.Elements of Contract

c.Vitiating Factors

d.Non Est Factum (not my doing)

e.Privity of Contract

f.Discharge of Contract

g.Remedies for Breach of Contract 

3.Sales of Goods

a.Meaning of Sales of Goods Act 

b.Sales of Goods distinguished form other transactions

c.Sales of Goods Act

d.Meaning of Goods under the Act

e.Classification of Goods

f.Formation and elements of sales of goods contract 

g.Implied Terms

h.Passing of Property

i. Transfer of Title by non- owner

j.Duties and Remedies


a.Meaning of Agency 

b.Agency distinguished from other kinds of relationships

c.Types of Agent 

d.Capacity to enter into agency relationship: The Principal

e.Capacity to enter into agency relationship: The Agent

•Persons restricted from acting as agents

f.Creation of Agency

g.Disclosed and Undisclosed Principal

h.Duties of an Agent

i.Duties of Principal to Agent

j.Remedies available to Principal

k.Remedies available to Agent

l.Termination of Agency.

5.Hire Purchase


b.Nature of Hire Purchase

c.Reason for the Adoption of the Hire Purchase System

d.Form of a Hire Purchase Agreement

e.Elements of a Hire Purchase Transaction

f.Obligations of Parties under Hire Purchase Agreement

g.Controls of Hire Purchase Agreement

h.Vitiating a Hire Purchase Agreement

i.Liability for breach of Hire Purchase Agreement

j.Recovery of Hire Purchase Property by the Owner

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