Commercial Motorcycles And Insecurity In Nakuru County, Kenya


Crime is a challenge and potential impairment to national development. It also affects spiritual and material welfare, compromising human self-worth while creating an atmosphere of anxiety and violence. Studies have shown that insecurity have both direct and indirect cost implication on economic growth especially when it is linked with transport system. This study sought to examine the link between commercial motorcycles and insecurity in Nakuru County. The study was guided by routine activities theory and Merton Anomie theory which explain crime and its link to environment. Descriptive research design was used to evaluate the objective of this study. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to determine the respondents to be included in the study for business and motorcycles operators. The study recruited a sample of 241 commercial motorcyclist and 390 pillions. Structured self-administered questionnaires were used for primary data collection targeting pillions and interview schedule targeting Bodaboda SACCO officials and Nakuru county officials. Data was entered in Ms excel for analysis. The study found that commercial motorcycles engaged in criminal activities against their customers. Crimes committed by commercial motorcycles against their customers were armed robbery and snatching of valuables. The study concludes that the rise in number of commercial motorcycles in Nakuru contributed to the rise of crime. These crimes mainly targeted male adults and was more caused by financial problems and greed among the commercial motorcyclists. The study therefore recommends control of operating hours for commercial motorcyclists; this can be enforced by police, police patrol and use community policing. The study also recommends government to strive to improve relationship between police and the public (pillion and motorcyclists)

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