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History of Ibadan (1820 - 1960)

This research work looks at the ancient city of Ibadan from the earliest time in the 16th century to what it had evolved into in the present day as a modern cosmopolitan city. Ibadan is today the largest city in Africa after Cairo in Egypt and Johannesburg, South Africa

Project by segbeyon on zangbeto.

A complex analysis of the Zangbeto masquerade festival in ogu land.

Segbeyon Atewon Premium 68 PAGES (15331 WORDS) History Project 0 Views
Law Iibrarianship

Table of content1. Law Librarianship2. The Law and Law Making Institutions and Procedures in Nigeria3. The Nigerian Legal System4. Law Libraries in Nigeria5. Users of Law Libraries and Legal Materials6. Information Resources in Law Libraries7. Environment of Law Libraries8. Administration/management Issues in Law Libraries9. Disaster Management in Law Libraries10. Cataloguing and Classification of Legal Resources


This book is a bed time story from grandma to the grand children, it emphasises on children having right attitude to education when they have the opportunities. The live of Pat in the story is a lesson to all children, teenager, young adults and so on.Half Education by AWOLEYE OLUREMI AANUOLUWA is the book you've been waiting for.

Role of Information Technologies in the Management of Indigenous Knowledge Communication

AbstractThis paper looks at the role of information technologies in the management of indigenous knowledge communication in the 21st century. Conceptual framework was developed to understand indigenous knowledge as a concept and information and communication technologies. This paper found out that ICTs play a vital role in the management and communication of indigenous knowledge so as to be able to pass our local heritage from generation to generation. Some of the roles include - to capture, ...

Students perception of the risks and dangers int the practice of journalism

ABSTRACT: The practice of journalism is very risky in every part of the world today. In Nigeria journalists suffer different types of abuse in the course of carrying out their duties, these abuses range from, unlawful arrest and grueling interrogation during detention, imprisonment, assassination, harassment, rape, maiming and other forms of physical and emotional abuse. Objectives of the study were to measure the perception of students of the risks and dangers inherent in the practic...

Daniel Bassey Premium 53 PAGES (11832 WORDS) Mass Communication Project 3 Views

The Igbo language is the language of the Igbo speaking people found in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. The Igbo language is the number one culture of the Igbo people. But recent attitudes of the Igbos towards their language has shown that they do not value their language and they do not care if the language goes into extinction. This situation is very appalling. This research work looked into one of the ways by which the owners of this language are killing the language by code mixing the l...

EMMANUEL MPAMUGO Premium 13 PAGES (2861 WORDS) Igbo Linguistics Essay/Paper 0 Views

This research work is carried out to promote the Igbo culture especially in the area of traditional drama which the Igbos use to portray their way of life. The craving for white man's ways of life which has eaten deep into the fabrics of the life of the Igbo people have made the Igbo people lose sight of their cultures and traditions. This research work which is well carried out, tells us about the life of the Olokoro Igbo people found in Umuahia Abia state in the South-Eastern part of Nigeri...

EMMANUEL MPAMUGO Premium 44 PAGES (9933 WORDS) Igbo Linguistics Essay/Paper 1 View
Modern Cultural Festivals as a tool for Africans in Diaspora in the development of their homeland communities: A case of Ekimogun Cultural Festival in Ondo kingdom of South western Nigeria .

 AbstractThe position of Culture and its antecedents in Africa have been very vital to the process of reconstruction of African history. The need to delve into the roles played by Africans in diaspora as regards the development of their homeland communities was aimed at re-evaluating and revamping the versatility and conquering strength of African culture and tradition for which it had been known. Though, the 15th century trans-Atlantic slave trade scenario caused a major socio-cul...

Availability and Utilization of Library Oriented Software Packages

ABSTRACT The study is an investigation of availability and utilization of library oriented software packages (LOSPs) among university libraries in North Central Zone of Nigeria.  The study was carried out in four University libraries in North Central Zone of Nigeria namely: Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida Library of the federal University of Technology Minna, Francis Sulemanu Idachaba Library of the federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State University Library Makurdi and Chi...


The research examines the discourse of reggae music through the analysis of the selected lyrics of Bob Marley's songs. Reggae is a medium of social commentary from members of the Africa diaspora. It is this medium of expression reggae artistes choose to communicate with other black people all over the world.

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Application Knowledge Based System for Sustainable Agricultural Development

This seminar paper reviewed work approach uses related article written by different researchers has tried to application KBS for sustainable agricultural development. KBS is a computer program designed to simulate the problem-solving behavior of an expert in a narrow domain. Agriculture plays a key role in food security and economic development. Agricultural production has evolved into a complex business requiring the accumulation knowledge and integration of data and information from many di...

The African time

civilization and the advent of colonization took a positive and a negative toll on Africa and that has brought a lot of controversy in leadership of Africa, the story is about the bravery of khan and his tribe in defeating evil and slavery from a corrupt king whom was responsible for several unsanctioned death of their people.

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The Broken shackles

broken shackles is an intriguing fiction which outlines the greed, envy among leaders and how that can lead to problems economically in a community, and also the adverse effect of war and the beauty of good child upbringing. it shows that in life God is hope and no situation is permanent .

Political Morality on Nigeria Education System

AbstractPolitical corruption is a social problem found in various degrees and forms, and in the education system where it is not exempted, it has become almost endemic. This paper takes a critical observation regarding the conduct of educational bureaucrats, administrators of various educational institutions and Nigerian political structure. It appears that there is a symbiotic relationship between the educational culture and the socio-political culture of the Nigerian society and this...

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