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Abstract  The mass media have been used as veritable sources of information during elections. They have been used to propagate ideas often known as propaganda and as instrument of political mobilization. The information projected by the different media of mass communication alongside other societal factors influence voters’ choice(s) during elections. It is on this note that this research work tried to analyze audience perception of media coverage of april 2011 presidential el...

How to Perform a Literature Review with Free and Open Source Software

As it provides a firm foundation for advancing knowledge, a solid literature review is a critical feature of any academic investigation. Yet, there are several challenges in performing literature reviews including: i) lack of access to the literature because of costs, ii) fracturing of the literature into many sources, lack of access and comprehensive coverage in many databases and search engines, and iii) the use of proprietary software lock-in strategies for bibliographic software, which ca...

Deception in its Diversity

This is talking about my country 'Nigeria'  how we as people of the country keep on blaming each other for our past mistakes; instead of looking for how to make it great again and make it better.

Representing Identity

 In this paper I shall demonstrate through the case study of Nanaimo Sikh community how significantly they view their religious orientation as opposed to their ethnic identification. I will point to some implications for them within the Canadian society as a result of them being primarily seen as one among many religious groups.

Religious Pluralism and Religious Education

In this essay, I outline the complexities of the contemporary SouthAfrican society and point out why the so called Christian majority’scall for a single faith approach to teaching religion in schools will notmake a great deal of sense within the context of the Bill of Rights ofthe South African constitution. Besides, the issue of religion educationin South Africa is not only a human rights issue but also a moral issue.

Politics of Defining Hindu texts

In the context of rightwing student protest on Delhi University campus in 2011 to demand the withdrawal of an essay written by Prof A K Ramanujan, there developed a politico-legal situation in which students deployed both political pressure as well as legal suit to achieve their goal. This incident raised not only questions of political involvement in defining what Hinduism should be and how its sacred texts ought to be read, but the debate also attempted to shape the ‘sacred text’ by car...

Insiders and Outsiders

In this essay, I look at the contemporary debate on the study of religion as to where it is in the academy. Second, in relation to that I look at the debates on the study of Hinduism. I then examine the issue of “who speaks for Hinduism” and whether Hinduism is a case of exception in the study of religion. In conclusion I suggest that Hinduism is a case in point in learning about our comparative project in the study of religion. My line of argument in this essay is based on the premise th...

Freedom in Bhavagad Gita

In this paper, I attempt to clarify the idea of freedom in the Gītā using two important categories found both in the Gītā as well as in the Sāṃkhya philosophical system—Buddhi and Sattva. Much of the liberation idea that is often spoken of in the context of many modern Hindu movements is drawn from the Bhagavad Gītā. There is so much looseness to their ideas that it is necessary to explore what the Gītā actually means by its notion of freedom. Additionally, Gītā is often presen...

Hinduism in Africa

In presenting Hinduism in Africa, the essay limits itself to three important regions—East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania), Southern Africa (South Africa) and West Africa (Ghana). The reason for this limitation is that although there are Hindus throughout Africa presently as India begins to expand its trade with Africa, the three regions mentioned have come to represent the vibrant emergence of Hinduism on the African continent unparalleled with countries elsewhere in Africa. Contact be...

Hinduism and the Master Narrative

The study of Hinduism is dominated by brahmanical master narrative. In this essay I suggest alternative ways to study Hinduism. Documenting diverse regional narratives andextracting Hindu practices from these narratives is a startingpoint. In doing so, reliance on fieldwork-based narrativesthat provide insight into the different orientations byavoiding the temptation to subordinate the local andregional narratives to an overarching master narrativewould help us understand the many aspects and...

Thoughts on Historical Explanation

This work attempts a conceptualization of Historical Explanation, and discusses its variants. It also attempts to solve the problem of significance of historical explanation by discarding the methodological view according to which the natural sciences have been solely subjected and also dispels explanation from the realm of social sciences as based solely on understanding. Rather, it supposes that an employment of both cores would produce a balance


This work is conducted to document the history of the office of Madakin Bauchi, in Bauchi Emirate. Data for the study was generated from primary sources through in – depth interview with many informants, and secondary sources in forms of published works, Ph.D thesis, B.A dissertations. Evidences have shown that, the office was one of the important offices in the history of Bauchi emirate. That is why this dissertation focuses on the office of Madakin Bauchi from its creation to p...


ABSTRACT In Nigeria, a significant number of intellectuals, journalists, and businesspeople believe that government should not interfere with ownership and control of the mass media. The important point implicit in this viewpoint is the assumption that the pattern of ownership of the mass media is crucial in determining the strength or weakness of the press. This study surveys the constraints on journalistic practice in government- owned media in the south-south  geo-political zone o...

A Short History of Eku Baptist Hospital

This work is the study Eku Baptist Hospital one of the institutions set up by the missionaries in a very early period of Nigeria History . The work explores the origin , development and Impact of Eku Baptist Hospital .

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