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Traditional Religion and its Impact on the Practices of Apostolic and Zionist Churches in Zimbabwe

Abstract Traditional religion is core to Zimbabwean people and, its impact has been felt by many Christian churches in Zimbabwe. Churches that are affected most are Apostolic and Zionist churches. These churches have promoted syncretism because they have mixed practices from African Traditional Religion (ATR) and Christianity in their worship and practices. While there have been attempts, especially by mainline churches, to extinguish traditional religion in the country, the efforts paid less...

The Effect of Television Advertising on Chi-exotic Product Patronage: A Study of Samaru Community, Zaria.

ABSTRACTThis research work titled The Effect Of Television Adverting On Chi Exotic Product Patronage: A Study of  Samaru Community, Zaria, was conducted in Kaduna state Nigeria. The research work specifically aimed at investigating if television advertising employed by chi exotic juice had influenced people to buy the product. It asked the following research questions; Are residents of Samaru community aware of chi exotic t.v ads? How exposed are the residents of Samaru community to chi exot...

An analysis of the guardian and the vanguard newspaper representation of sickle cell disease in Nigeria. (January to December, 2015)

The study was carried out to know the coverage given to sickle cell disease as well as their pattern of coverage. Content analysis was used to analyse two the guardian and vanguard newspapers from the period of year 2015 and 2016. 


   Le mariage des enfants trouve ses racines dans l'inégalité des genres et la faible valeur accordée aux filles. C’est aggravé par les normes culturelles et religieuses, les valeurs et les traditions, la pauvreté. Cela cause des différents problèmes à la victime qui pour qu'ils peuvent être l'objectivation de la jeune fille, les effets psychologique, la complication sur la santé, l'augmentation de l'alphabétisme et bien d'autre.

Meaning And Application of Professionalism In Nigerias Media Practice-Issues and Challenges.

Nigerian Journalism today, is in deep crisis of credibility. As a result of individual, organizational, environmental and societal challenges, most of the cherished norms and values of the profession have been abused, violated and debased. A return to the traditional values of truthfulness, neutrality and impartiality may return the lost glory… According to Adaja, (2012) citing Zandberg and Neiger (2005) citing a survey done among Israeli Journalists in 2003 by Tsfaty and Libi...

Lasswellian Model and Process of Mass Communication in Nigeria

Lasswellian model of mass communication has been able to show in clear term that monopoly of mass communication process serves the dominant force of every society. Since it suggest a one line of communication which was debunk by two and multi-stage theory of communication, lasswellian model has shown in an unmistakable manner the chequered history of Nigeria media development in terms of its adjustment to different vagaries of the environment in the face of the explosion in comm...

The Role of Public Relations in the Maintenance of Industrial Harmony

The project focuses on the importance of public relations in engendering corporate peace and harmony. Industrial harmony presupposes a situation where the employees and management co-operate willingly for corporate objectives. In the review of various literatures, it is explained that crisis in industrial relations environment will no doubt has a multiplier effects on the economy and other negative consequences.  There will be a loss in national output, fall in Gross Domestic p...


There is a thick connection between history and the future. History has a way of explaining the present and determining the future. There is no way we can keep shying away from our past and still want to get it right.  Elder P.O Edem is a creative writer and a brilliant storyteller. His story-telling skills and intuitive writing was brought to the fore in this short journey into our nation’s history. As an elder who has seen much of Nigeria’s chequered history, Elder...


A work like this documents and analysis the history of transportation in Zaria with a view of reaching a final solution in Transportation. In this thesis the writer made use of concepts that are inspired by a seminar based on Transportation system in Kano. 

An Evaluation of Kant's Categorical Imperative and Truth-Telling in Business

This work was written in partial fullfilment for the requirements of the award of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

The Chain of Climate Change, Scarcity and Conflict in Global Politics

To state that climate change and environment issues are becoming increasingly important in the realm of International Relations is an understatement. Mitigation and adaptation debates, strategies and mechanisms are all developed at the international level, often demonstrating the nuances of international politics and governance. The changes experienced in the environment have in many ways been identified as plausible causes of violent intergroup conflict. These changes inc...

The Place of English Language in Nigeria.

The English language in the Nigeria setting toady is a victim of untold abnormalities. This can be attributed to the serious crises generally agreed to exist in the educational sector of the country. This disgraceful problem has been diagnosed to be the aftermath from abysmal incompetence in the use of English in all tiers  and levels of formal education and in fact the whole society at large. Put in another way, expert has deduced that “English language is poorly taught...

The History of Mathematical Development in The Advancement of World Civilization

The following paper deals with the history of Mathematical development . It conceptualized mathematics in the framework of world civilization. 


ABSTRACTAs  long as people lives together, they might have their individual or collective interest, opinion, thought, taste and beliefs to defend or guard, and in the cause of protecting any, it may directly or indirectly lead to a dispute, conflict or misunderstanding among them.  Almighty Allah has guided them with a revelation that will lead them to resolve their disputes and conflict through dialogue. (Q11:118). The effort of some of the Shari’ah States in the northern N...

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