Computerization of Continuous Assessment Dossier

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Processing of student result sheets is one of the most vital aspects of Education at the Secondary or College level. as It might be called. It is very important that data is entered with care for the effective calculation of the final result. Most often there are errors due to redundancy of data and inconsistency in data manipulation, in which case marks and scores are often entered wrongly by the teacher of the subject. Take, for instance, a situation whereby a student misses a test, then the continuous assessment for the student 'will' not be added to the final score. This of course, will no doubt, affect the student's result at the end of the term. With the advent of the Continuous Assessment Dossier for processing students' results, students' performances are readily recorded in the Dossier. However, the Dossier is often subject to Manipulation by the students involved. The Dossier in this case has a limitation. With the introduction of computers, it is now possible to process the students' results in an extensive manner with much reduction in data redundancy and data inconsistency. I have decided to compute the Dossier in order to ease the processing of students' results. in a most convenient manner. This thesis presents the best alternative to the student Continuous Assessment (CA). The name (ADOS is coined from the word Continuous Assessment Dossier.

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