Conditions of Service/Contract of Employment

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    Against the background of the excessive exploitation of workers, laws for the social protection of employees were developed in the second half of the 19'" century.Essentially, they are meant to ensure that people work in dignity and are not unduly exploited in the course of work. International control bodies were established to ensure compliance with the new laws.

    The International Labour Organisation (ILO) with its unique multilateral structure stands out of all these bodies. It is the only United Nations body that brings together, on a permanent and on-going basis, representatives of workers, employers and government to discuss and reach agreements on issues of common concern. For the rights of the employee not be abused and in rear cases the employer not to be taken for granted, the need for laws and contract of engagement cannot be overemphasized, as it will be able to determine the extent of both parties towards achieving the set goals.

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