Design and Construction of a Winder Stair


This research is all about design, construction and preparation of cost estimate for a reinforced concrete winder stair. This type of stair is one of most important stair, use where there is no enough space. Winder stair is very common in older homes, often used as a secondary staircase where the grand staircase may have been in the entry and the winder used as an access to the kitchen, it has more visual interest. Winder stairs meander around corners. For this reason, it has gained popularity in modern homes. It compactness has also made it attractive in sustainable home designs. Literature was reviewed on design and construction of a reinforced concrete winder stair to a two storey building, especially on; construction of the winder stair. A concrete winder stair was design and construction with the help of material, tools and equipment mentioned in chapter three.

Table of Contents





List of figures 

Chapter one:- Introduction 

1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Significant of the Study 

1.3 Aim and Objectives of the Study

1.4 Scope of the Study

1.5 Definition of Terms

Chapter Two:- Literature Review 

2.1 Definition of stair

2.2 Type of stairs

2.3 Functional Requirements

2.4 Reinforced Concrete Stair

2.5 Constructing the Winding Stair

2.6 Determing Step Proportion 

2.7 Calculating Rise and Going for a Flight 

Chapter Three:- Construction Methodology 

3.1 Design Concept 

3.2 Construction Method and Details 

3.3 Construction Materials 

3.4 Construction Tools and Equipment

3.5 Construction of Cost Estimate 

3.6 Economic Advantages of the Project 

Chapter Four:- Conclusions and Recommendations

4.1 Conclusions

4.2 Recommendations 

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