Evaluate the maintenance management practices of public and private properties in Nigeria

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ABSTRACT  The study focused on maintenance management practice in public and private properties, (a case study of selected public and private housing estates) in Lagos state, Nigeria. To achieve this, case study of 10 selected housing estates were carried out by means of structured questionnaires. A total  number  of  200  questionnaires  were  administered  to  the  selected  estates  and  141  were returned and used for the analysis, and this gave a response rate of 70.5%. The statistical method used  for  the  analysis  is  frequency,  percentage,  chart  and  mean  score  ranking.  It  assessed  the maintenance and management state of the selected housing estates, the maintenance management problem of the estates, the maintenance management strategy used in  maintaining the selected estate,  and  the  effect  of  maintenance  management  strategy  used  in  maintaining  the  estates.  In achieving these objectives, opinions of maintenance staff and users of randomly selected housing estates were sampled through structured questionnaires. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics and statistical package for social science (SPSS 20). The analysis revealed the  maintenance  and  management  state  of  private  housing  estates  in  Lagos  state  as  better maintained than public housing estates in Lagos state, there is significant difference in perception of  the  maintenance  staff  and  users  as  to  the  maintenance  state.  However,  there  is  significant difference  in  the  maintenance  state  of  the  private  estate  and  the  public  estate  as  the  study revealed that the functionality of components, services and infrastructure of the private estate are in  better  condition  and  well  maintained  state  than  those  of  public  estate.  Maintenance  staff’s ranked  attitude  of  users  and  misuse  of facilities as  the  most  significant  problem  associated  in maintenance  management  of  estate  while  users  of  the  estate  ranked  poor  environmental condition, attitude of users and misuse of facilities and lack of discernible maintenance culture, unqualified maintenance contractors, lack of funding etc. in the country as the most significant problems of maintenance management practices of the estate. The perception of the maintenance staff  and  users  of  the  selected  housing  estates  as  regards  to  the  problem  of  maintenance management  of  housing  estates  are  significantly  different.  The  study  recommended  proactive measures  to  keep  hypothesized  factors  under  check  in  other  to  overcome  the  prevailing maintenance problems of housing estates. Top management are to provide adequate funding for the running of maintenance operations and such funds should be properly monitored to ensure that it is judiciously utilized       



Title Page                      i         

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Acknowledgement                    iii 

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Abstract                      v

 List of Figures                     vi 

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1.1  Background of Study                  1 

1.2  Statement of Problem                 3 

1.3  Aim and Objectives                  4 

1.4  Research Question and Hypothesis              4 

1.5  Scope of Study                  4 

1.6  Significance of the Study                4 

1.7  Limitation of the Study                                                                                               5 

1.8  Research Methodology                         5 


2.0   Preamble                    6 

2.1   Review of Literature                  6

 2.1.2  Maintenance                    7 

2.1.3  Management                    8 

2.1.4  Maintenance Management                8 

2.1.5  The Concept of Building Maintenance            10 

2.1.6  Significance of Building Maintenance            12

 2.1.7  Nature of Maintenance                12 

2.1.8  Functions of Maintenance Management            13 

2.1.9  Housing Estate                  14 

2.2.0  Types of Housing Estate                15 

2.2.1  Difference between Public and Private Estate          16 

vii  2.2.2  Maintenance Management Strategy              17 

2.2.3  Types of Maintenance Management Strategies          19 

2.2.4  Balance Maintenance Work Program             24 

2.2.5  Maintenance Management Problem              25 

2.2.5  Effect of Maintenance Management Strategies on the Selected Estates    36  


3.0   Preamble                    41 

3.1   Research Design                  41 

3.2   Population of the Study                42 

3.3   Sample Frame                   42 

3.4   Sample Size                    42 

3.5   Sample and Sampling Techniques              42

 3.6   Data Collection Instrument                42 

3.7   Data Collection Techniques                42 

3.8   Techniques Of Data Analysis               43  


 4.1  Introduction                    44 

4.2   Response to Questionnaire Administered            45 

4.3  General Characteristics of the Respondents            46                                                             4.4       Comparison tables                                                                                                      73-4.5  Discussion of Findings                77-78 

4.6       Summary of Findings                 79  


5.0   Introduction                    80

 Recommendation                  82

 References                      83-86 

APPENDIX / QUESTIONNAIRE                                    87-93

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