Design and costruction of bicycle ergometer

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BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY: trolling body weight, reducing the chances of heart diseases, reducing the risk of diabetes and some other chronic diseases by improving the functions of the heart, lungs and improving the biomechanical system of the body. Aside surgeryand medication, several methods have been proposed for the prevention and treatment of heart conditions. One of such methods is the use of regulated and supervised exercise as therapy both for prevention of heart conditions and following medication or surgery. There are some machineswhich are used for body fitness. Such machines include iron gym total body body fitness kit, perfect fitness carver, profon endurance elliptical machine, bicycle ergometer, bowflex home gym (Fidelis, 2018).Ergometer  was  defined by   as   an  exercise   machine,  equipped   with  anapparatus   for   measuring   the   work   performed   by   exercising.   It   further   described   it   as   aninstrument   for   measuring   the   amount   of   work   done   by   human   muscles.   According   to ergometer comes from the Greek words ergon, meaningwork, and metron, meaning  measure. "Ergometer", therefore, literally means "work measurer".Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH) further opined that ergometer is a bike, fitted withmechanical work measurement devices is also an ergometer. Some of the significant benefits ofergometer bicycle have been reported to include improved body mass index (BMI), improvedinsulin levels and fitness, improved conditions in type II diabetes, as well as cardiopulmonaryand muscular strength in people  with  spinal cord injury. Exercise  has also   been reported toreduce posttraumatic stress disorder. A physical exercise is definitely beneficial to many peoplewhen it is performed intelligently and with proper medical guidance. Some of these benefitsinclude reduction in the course of diseases, prevention of conditions such as obesity, diabetes,and hyperlipidaemia which are common causes of heart diseases. Exercise also lowers heart rateover time, increases maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) in the body, muscle strength, stroke

volume and sub maximal working capacity. It helps in the restoration of normal functions in thecase of cardiac rehabilitation, as well as the regulation of hormones.

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