Design and Implementation of a Computer Based Payroll System

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This project work ‘Design and implementation of computer based payroll system’ is aimed at creating a computer based payroll system. payroll is a critical operation for every organization to pay employee accurately their salary and enrollments on time. The idea of taking control of employees pay calculations are quite tedious if done manually and require more effort and time mainly for big organizations. Hence if this process is automated, it would be of great benefit as it would require less time to calculate the salary of the employees. The software for payroll management system service on the cloud is provided as a solution in this paper. This system provides multiple user data access. Each user like employee or HR or admin can login into the software by writing username and password which are allocated to them from the company It involves keeping track of hours worked and is capable of keeping a record of employee data including their pay, allowances, deductions and taxes on monthly bases so that fresh definitions are reflected from the month onwards, which leaves all the past data intact. The proposed payroll system is advantageous as it provides a user friendly environment and also increases security and minimizes human calculation errors. Also, the aim is to automate its existing manual system by the help of computerized equipments and full-fledged computer software, fulfilling their requirements, so that their valuable data/information can be stored for a longer period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same. Basically the project describes how to manage for good performance and better services for the clients. The model driven development is adopted because the (MDD) methodology is suitable for the payroll management system. The design and functions of the computer based payroll system were implemented with Hyper-text Pre-processor (PHP), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and Hyper-text Mark-up Language (HTML). This study was carried out to first of all to eliminate a manual payroll system and bringing up a web based payroll system that allows a dedicated payroll software. A manual system can result in payroll errors and is usually a slow, laborious process. Web based systems offers a number of advantages, including increased accuracy and speed.


Title Page i

Certification Page                                                                                                    ii   

Approval Page                                                                                                         iii

Dedication Page                                                                                                         iv

Acknowledgements Page                                                                               v

Abstract Page -                                                                                                         vi

Table of Contents                                                                                                        vii


1.0 Background of the Study 1-2

1.1 Statement of the Problem 3-4

1.2 Objective of the Study   4

1.3 Significance of the Project   4


2.0 Introduction 5

2.1 Theoretical Background 5-12

2.2 Review of Related Literature 12-18


3.0 Introduction                  19-20

3.1 Description of the Existing System 20-21

3.2 Analysis of the Proposed System 24-25

3.3 Design of the Proposed System 33-35

3.4 System Architecture 35-36


4.0 Introduction 40

4.1 Choice of Development Environment 40-45

4.2Implementation Architecture 46-47

4.3 Software Testing    48

4.4 Documentation 48-49

4.5 User Manual 49-50

4.6 Source code listing   50


5.0 Summary of Findings 51

5.1 Conclusion 52

5.2 Recommendation 53

REFERENCES                                                                                                                  53



Fig 2.1      Sample of phpmyadmin 12

Fig 3.0     Use case diagram   28

Fig 3.1    Activity diagram of employee   29

Fig 3.2     Activity diagram of admin   30

Fig 3.3     Sequence diagram of admin    31

Fig 3.4    UML sequence diagram of the web based payroll system          32

Fig 3.5    Login form                                                                                   35

Fig 3.6    Index page 35

Fig 3.7    Input Salary Rate 36

Fig 3.8   Salary Rate Changed 36

Fig 3.9   Deduction 37

Fig 3.10 Deduction update 37

Fig 3.11 Add Employee 38

Fig 3.12 Overtime 38

Fig 3.13 Employee page 39

Fig 4.1    PhpMyadmin                                                                          43

Fig 4.2   Xampp server    46

Fig 4.3   Implementation architecture 47

Fig 4.4   Admin login flowchart 48


Table 3.1   Deduction Table 33

Table 3.2   Employee Table 33

Table 3.3   Overtime Table 34

Table 3.4   Salary Table 34

Table 3.5   User Table 34

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