Design and Production of Ceiling Board Using Plaster of Paris (Pop) Gypsum Material

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This project, Design and production of ceiling board using Plaster of Paris (POP) Gypsum materials. Gypsum is basically the raw material required in the manufacturing Plaster of Paris (POP) which posses an outstanding property  and a good material for producing ceiling board. The materials procured for the project are plaster of Paris, fiber, water and mould. The equipment used for the project are scrapper, measuring tape, mixing bowl, bucket. Firstly, water was poured into the container (mixing bowl) and plaster of Paris sprinkled, two minutes was waited for absorption and then the mortar was mixed with hand and shaked vigorously to obtain a fully homogeneous mixture and thereafter the mortar was sprayed on the mould and fiber was added which serves as reinforcement. Water absorption test was carried out on the sample and the result indicated that plaster of Paris (POP) ceiling board has an average 8.4 percent water absorptivity compare to Asbestos with 0.5 percent. Therefore plaster of paris (POP) ceiling board absorb water readily in case there is water leakage of the roof. Flexural strength test was carried out and the result obtained showed that plaster of paris (POP) ceiling board has a mean flexural strength of 11.4 N/mm2 and Asbestos has an average flexural strength of about 1.00 N /mm2To this end, it is proved that plaster of paris (POP) ceiling board posses sufficient strength and it is durable for Civil Engineering works.





Title page                                                                                                        i

Certification                                                                                                     ii

Dedication                                                                                                       iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                           iv

Abstract                                                                                                           v

Table of contents                                                                                             vi

List of plates                                                                                                    ix

List of tables                                                                                                    x


1.0     Introduction                                                                                           1

1.1     Statement of problem                                                                            3

1.2     Aim and Objectives                                                                               3

1.3     Justification of study                                                                             3

1.4     Scope of the study                                                                                 4


2.0     Literature Review                                                                                  5

2.1     History of Gypsum                                                                                6

2.2     Old use of Gypsum                                                                                7

2.3     Modern use of Gypsum                                                                         8

2.4     Gypsum Credential                                                                                9

2.5     Gypsum product and its unique properties                                             10

2.5.1  Fire Resistance                                                                                       10

2.5.2  Acoustic Properties                                                                                11
2.5.3  Thermal Properties                                                                                11

2.5.4  Aesthetics and Design                                                                           12

2.5.5  Sound Isolation Properties                                                                     12

2.6     Manufacture of plaster from Gypsum                                                    12

2.7     Physical Properties of Gypsum                                                              13

2.8     Chemical Properties of Gypsum                                                            14

2.9     Survey on Hemp core fiber                                                                    14


3.0     Methodology                                                                                         17

3.1     Procurement of Materials                                                                       17

3.2     Equipment used for the project                                                              17

3.3     Preparation of Mould                                                                             17

3.4     Preparation of separator                                                                         18

3.5     Mixing of Aggregate                                                                             18

3.6     Casting                                                                                                  18

3.7     Demoulding                                                                                           19

3.8     Water Absorption Test                                                                           19

3.9     Flexural Strength Test                                                                           20



4.0     Result and Discussion                                                                            21

4.1     Plates                                                                                                     21

4.2     Tables and Calculation                                                                           32


5.0     Conclusion and Recommendation                                                          34

5.1     Conclusion                                                                                            34

5.2     Recommendation                                                                                   35

REFERENCES                                                                                      36

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