Design of an Accident-Avoidance System

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In the urban life transportation is very common. A lot of mishappenings occur on the road every day .Therefore the need of security and monitoring is developed .To resolve such problems, a system is developed using GPS and GSM technologies and an application is introduced in the research work. The ability to accurately detect a vehicle location and its status is the main goal of automobile trajectory monitoring systems.& also The high demand of automobiles has also increased the traffic hazards and the road accidents. With the rapid development of technology the need arises to develop an information system which can be used in constructing a system works on a wide geographical area depends mainly on GPS, such systems can be useful for many application such as tracking systems ,chasing systems, anti theft systems, and traffic monitoring systems Imagine if all vehicles in the world provided with GPS-GSM system and all of applications integrated in one huge system. The main intention of the research is to find the accident spot at any place and intimating it to ambulance through the GPS and GSM networks. The based vehicle accident identification module contains ultrasonic sensor ,GSM module and a GPS connected by microcontroller, Global system for mobiles (GSM) technology is used to establish cellular connection GPS is one of the technologies that are used in a huge number of applications today. Tracking system is very important in modern world. can be useful in soldier monitoring, tracking of the theft vehicle and various other applications. The system is microcontroller based that consists of a global positioning system (GPS) and global system for mobile communication (GSM). The research uses only one GPS device and a two way communication process is achieved using a GSM modem.

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