Equipment development in Ghana to harvest oranges have over the years focused on simple units such as Garden tool, basket style picker etc. and common methods of harvesting oranges in Ghana are the use of manual branch shaking, manual pull with the hook stick. The effects leads to:
Infestation of a bacteria called Alicyclobacillus when the fruits fall on the ground.
The bacteria lives on the fruit which contaminates it.
Bruises through impact on the hard surface.
The main aim of this study is to design an orange collector. This design will help in the easily gathering of the fruits, prevent mechanical losses through impact on the hard surface and also prevent contamination of the fruits on the soil.
Conceptual drawings were produced using Siemens NX.8 and the working drawings were produced using Solid works.
To achieve the millennium goal and vision 20:20 in the field of agriculture, our farmers should take advantage of this design.

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