Does Democracy foster Peace?

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The paper generally seeks to unravel the elements that are conducive for the prevailing peaceful conditions in a state. Therefore, democracy has been put at the epicenter of this paper on whether it promotes peace or not.... 

Democracy originated more than 2,400 years ago in ancient Greece. The word “democracy” means “rule by the people.” While this definition tells us that the citizens of a democracy govern their nation, it omits essential parts of the idea of democracy as practiced in countries around the world. Democracy had been defined as a political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them. The notion that democracy fosters peace had sparked considerable debates in the political and as well as the academic discourses, in as far as the principles and tenets of democracy are critically examined. Therefore, the essay is going to serve as a double edge sword on the notion that democracy that democracy fosters peace. This is due to the fact that looking at the key or tenants of democracy like peaceful regular free and fair election, active participation of the nationals in politics and civic life, protection of human rights, rule of law in which the laws and rightful procedures apply to mention but a few, can also be the primitive sources of violence or instability in a state as evidenced by most of the countries in the international system. 

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