Effect Of Devolved Funds On Growth Of Youth Enterprises In Bungoma County Kenya


Despite the initiative by the government to introduce devolved funds in Kenya, the

real effect of these devolved funds is yet to be experienced on growth of the youth

enterprises. There has been overemphasis by previous studies on the issues that

address challenges and administration of devolved funds with less regard on the

real influence on development. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect

of devolved funds on growth of Youth enterprises and develop a framework to

improve the access of funds by youth enterprise in Bungoma County. The study

was guided by the following objectives: To determine the effect of Uwezo fund on

growth of youth’s enterprise, examine the extent to which the implementation of

the youth enterprise fund program meets intended objectives, to establish various

enterprise factors including: awareness, competency and Governmental policies on

how they affect development fund and growth of youth enterprise in Bungoma

County. The study adapted an explanatory survey research design to achieve the

research objectives. The study targeted a population of 67117 youths who have

enterprises in Bungoma County, where Agency theory and Allocative efficiency

theory were adopted. The study employed Survey Monkey (2017) to come up with

a sample size of 380 and then used a stratified random sampling technique in the

sample selection. Data was collected using questionnaire as the primary tool. The

researcher employed face and content validity while pilot study was carried out to

check on reliability. The study collected both quantitative and qualitative data

where both inferential and Descriptive statistical analysis were employed during

the analysis process. The study reveals that more youths have benefited from

Uwezo fund as compared to Youth fund. These funds has created employment and

empowerment of youths who have managed to access them, however there are also

challenges like poor management of funds, lack of awareness, Low competencies

among the members, lengthy procedures in securing the funds which the

Government need to address to ensure transparence in realization and use of

devolved funds. It is also noted in the findings that; devolved funds play important

role in economic stimuli hence improving the lives of youths. It wa noted that

youths nearer county administrator offices have benefited more as compared to

those far from offices. Kanduyi constituency carries more beneficiaries of devolved

funds. Therefore the study recommends that more study be carried out to reveal a

deep insight into the perception, competence and attitude towards devolved funds

more so on the repayments plans, It also recommended that issues about ICT and

computer illiteracy should critically looked at since they present a direct hindrance

to maximum utilization devolved funds.

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