Effects of Pornography on Viewers in FCT


Pornography has over time been a subject of controversy. It has, therefore, become difficult to distinguish between artistic works and pornography, especially in an epoch where freedom of expression is a major requirement for good governance. The concern of this study is to determine the level of addiction to pornography among Nigerians and to investigate why some Nigerians patronize pornographic video films in spite of their undesirable effects such as sexual coercion. The study thus made use of the survey method; interview and questionnaire as instruments for data collection. The population sample was gotten from the publics. A total of the three hundred copies of the questionnaire were distributed and two hundred and seventy three were received and used. Analyses were done using the bar chart, pie chart and simple percentage. The research reveals that pornography has affected all societies in varying degrees. This is because pornographic materials which were once illegal and therefore scarce have become cheap and available. From the findings, pornography, especially on the web has reached unprecedented level globally and to curb the menace, existing laws must be strengthened while new ones should be introduced to compel internet service providers (ISPs) to remove any material that is considered pornographic.  

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