The study examined the effects of youth violence in Kasoa. It was aimed at analyzing the nature and effects of youth violence on the Kasoa Township. The study employed descriptive survey and explorative design using the quantitative research approach. A combination of Yamane formula and convenient sampling methods were adopted to select a sample size of 280 for the study. The result from this study showed that armed robbery/stealing, assault/fighting/harm, domestic violence, bullying, vandalism, gangsterism, rape/sexual harassment, defilement, drugs and narcotic possession, death threat and murder were the most common forms of youth violence in Kasoa. Also, the findings from the study have shown that the prevalence of violence and crime is high within Kasoa and its environs. The study also revealed that youth between the ages of 15 to 35 are the most perpetrators of these violence and crimes, and the major reason were illiteracy, financial needs, poor parental supervision, abuse and neglect of children among others. The study concluded by recommending the need for Government to continue partnering with NGOs and stakeholders to develop more employment programmes, directed at providing training and skills development for the youth. It was also recommended that efforts should be made to reduce access to gun as well as addressing the dangers involved in gang formation among the youth.

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