Analysis of Energy Auditing in Nigerian Power Systems

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Energy  is  one  of  the  major  drivers  for  the  economic  development  of  any  country.  In  order  to  reduce  energy consumptions  for  sustainable  development, continuous  energy audit  of industrial  machines  become  necessary. Energy  audit  is  one  of  the  most  comprehensive  methods  in  achieving  energy  savings  in  industry  and  thus reducing  excessive  energy  consumption.  This  paper  analyzes  energy  auditing  in  power  system  in  order  to identify the sources of energy waste and assess the effectiveness of the strategies for energy savings using A and T  Foods  and  Beverages  PLC  as  a  case  study.  This  was  with  a  view  to  recommending  a  policy  that  would enhance  the  effectiveness  of  electrical  energy  savings  in  the  company.  A  detailed  energy audit  is adopted  for energy  project  implementation  plan  and  data  from  the  publication  of  the  International  Standard  Industrial Classification  of  All  Economic  Activities  (ISIC)  in  Nigeria  for  the  period  of  (2011  -2017)were  used  for  the analysis.  The  sources  of  energy  in  the  company  comprised  of  electricity  from  utility  company  and  use  of generating  sets  (fuel).  The  result  showed  that the electrical energy  consumption  in  the  companies was  mainly from  generating  set.  In  addition,  the  total  percentage  of  electric  energy  consumed  from  utility  company  was 40.95%  with  an  average  percentage  of  5.85%.  The  total  percentage  of  fuel  consumed  by  the  company  was 659.05%  with  an  average  value  of  94.15%.  The  results  identified  areas  where  the  company  used  and  wasted energy, and where actions for energy conservation should be implemented. The study therefore established that energy was not sufficiently utilized, and therefore suggested possible strategies for efficient energy usage for the company. 

Keywords: Energy Audit, Energy Saving, A and T Food and Beverages PLC, ISIC, Power System, Generating Set, Electric Utility Companies.

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