Numerous and diverse approaches for assessing and measuring library effectiveness are discussed. Most of these approaches are shown to adopt very limited and narrow perspectives and depend upon limited performance criteria. This paper suggests a way to evaluate library effectiveness.

To “evaluate” is to ascertain the value of something. The object of evaluation is improvement through the process of identification and removal of shortcomings. The main purpose of this paper is to examine some of the criteria of value commonly used in evaluating Academic Library Service. Ideally, evaluation of academic library would consist of some specific services, routines, techniques, etc, in terms of their relevance to the basic values to which each is assumed to contribute. The complication of such an approach is apparent. Suppose we conclude that "wisdom" is one of the basic values which we strive to serve. Clearly we are not ready to investigate scientifically the degree to which the reader's adviser's service achieved the end.
The traditional view of library system evaluation is painted by the great deal of attention given to the evaluation of information retrieval systems over the past 25 years. Such terms as 'recall' and 'precision' have entered the professional vocabulary and, even if their use were not fully understood, they are used in all kinds of contexts - some of them Inappropriate. The difficulties associated with evaluation of this kind are well known: there is the difficulty, for example, of determining what is 'relevant' and, indeed, what is 'relevance'. There is the problem of determining suitable measures of relevance, under whatever definition we use, and so on.

In spite of the problems, however, the idea of the evaluation of library services is a very powerful idea which has affected librarians' willingness to think of evaluation as a desirable and necessary function to perform in the management of libraries. 
Choosing the college or university that you will attend is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life. You should carefully examine all aspects of an academic institution including the faculty, academic programs, and facilities. While there are a wide variety of guides and lists ranking institutions, you will need to choose an institution that reflects your personal goals.
One of the factors to consider when choosing your college is how well its library will help you succeed in this increasingly complex and often chaotic information age. According to some experts, the amounts of information available will more than double by the time you obtain your undergraduate degree. The library is an important source of information, and the academic library staff will help you develop these valuable skills.
Your selection of a college or university should include an evaluation of the library and its services and resources. Identifying and evaluating a good library are important in determining the level of educational opportunities an institution will provide you during your academic career. To help you make a decision about which college or university to attend, everyone needs this Guide to Evaluating Library Services on Campus with questions to consider in three critical areas: services, facilities, and resources.

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