Evaluation Of Competitive Advantage On Performance Of Postal Corporation Kenya


The aim of the study was o evaluate the competitive advantage on performance of Postal Corporation Kenya. The specific objectives were to find out the effect of innovative technology on competitive advantage of postal corporation Kenya, to establish the effects of service quality on performance of postal corporation Kenya, to ascertain the effect of staff training on performance of postal corporation Ken ya, and to find out the effects of leadership quality on performance of postal corporation Kenya.This study may be of help to the managers in identifying what in the external environment affects their organizations and the possible response/s to be adopted. The government and other policy makers may find the information useful in improving the regulation and operations of communication firms in Kenya. The study used a case study research design. The target population for this study was the staffs of Postal Corporation. This made a total target population of two hundred and fifteen (215) respondents. This study adopted the stratified sampling technique. The sample was forty three respondents. The study used a questionnaire as the instrument of data collection. The questionnaire consisted of both open and close-ended questions. In order to enhance the response rate, the respondents were assured of confidentiality. The data collected was coded, quantified and analyzed quantitatively. Quantitative data was analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics using SPSS and presented through percentages, means, standard deviations and frequencies. The data was then presented in the form of tables, graphs and pie charts. This provided for an easier analysis and interpretation of the data inputted. The findings of the study established that nature of innovative technology increases service delivery which increases the performance of the firm. Also the study found that quality of services increases the competitive advantage and the performance the organization. The study further established that qualification of the staff members helps in creating efficiency which improves the performance of the organization. The study concluded that experience of leaders increases their competency hence improving the performance of the organization. The study also concluded that number of employees increase organization performance and that expanding the product line has been adopted to increase competitive advantage which has an overall impact on performance of the firm. The study recommended that for the managers of Postal Corporation of Kenya, there is need to develop and adopt strategies that will ensure that they survive in the communication industry. Partners should cultivate a culture of scanning the business environment and adopting the appropriate competitive strategies applicable.

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