Evaluation Of Renal Changes In Diabetic Patients Using Ultrasonography


Kidneys may be exposed to many pathological conditions due to Diabetes mellitus which is a common multi-systemic disease with serious effects on the urinary system and was considered the main causes of chronic renal failure in worldwide . This disease may lead to some renal changes in morphology and function, The aim of this study was to evaluate the renal changes in diabetic patient using ultrasound scan . This cross-sectional –case control study was done in Khartoum and north kurdofan States from the period of June 2018 to January 2019 , for 50 diabetic patients (29 males and 21 females) , 4 of them are type 1 diabetic mellitus, and 46 are type 2 , their age ranged between 20 - 90 years old and there was 30 apparently healthy subjects as a control group were assessed. Pregnant women , patient with renal congenital anomalies , renal tract obstruction , malignant tumor and renal failure were excluded ,all patients had been scanned with ultrasound for measuring renal dimensions , renal volume was also been calculated and echogenicity was evaluated , a data collection sheet was designed to include general information of the patients. The study showed that as the duration of diabetes increase the length and volume decreased but the echogenicity increased , Furthermore, it revealed the that increase in duration of diabetes has direct impact on kidney texture . These findings could be utilized as assessment of the diabetes severity and its impact on renal system . also study showed the left side is more affected than the right side . It was also observed that the renal volumes were higher in the diabetics compared to the nondiabetic thus showed the important of ultrasound as a useful tool to measure renal volume and detecting renal changes in diabetic patient. additional studies with large sample size are recommended to improve statistical information and compare the results.

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