Experiences Of Street Children In Iwo Road Of Ibadan, Nigeria

ABSTRACT The increase in the number of children living and working on the street of Nigeria has become a concern for all. The study argues that the phenomenon of street children can be explained in the context of symbolic interactionism. The study reports the findings of a qualitative study that investigates the experiences of street children in Iwo road of Ibadan, Nigeria. Twenty-two (22) participants were purposively sampled and in-depth interviews were conducted to collect information from seventeen (17) children (all boys), and five (5) key informants (three social workers and two traders). Findings from the study show that family disintegration, low educational background, delinquent acts, poverty, abuse and lack of parental care are the major predisposing factors of streetism. Besides, the children were engaged in different kinds of life style like sleeping arrangement, pushing wheel barrow, washing of cars, carrying loads, and bus conducting. Also, there are major challenges faced by children living on the street of Iwo road, such as attack by thieves, arrest by police, frequent illness, road accidents, attack by colleagues and ritual attacks. However, the children have developed survival strategies that enable them to cope with their situation. In order to prevent more children moving onto the streets of Iwo road of Ibadan, it is suggested that the government of Nigeria should allocate special funds to support poor families, and especially children who have been pushed onto the street due to their neglect and disadvantaged family background. Social workers can educate and sensitize families and communities about the emotional, physical, social and developmental needs of children in the street and the dangers involved so that children can be prevented from moving to stay in the street. 

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