Factors Contributing To Single Parenthood In Songea District, Tanzania

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Single parenthood is not a new phenomenon in the world although in Africa it is relatively new as it has been increasing in stages. Before the 1980‘s there were very few single parents and marriage was crucial to adults and separation was not normal. From the 1990‘s to recent period the world had experienced globalization through economic liberalization, easy communication, fast information system and globalization of culture where many youth are adoptive to American (western) way of life and freedom. This freedom and economic liberalization have caused bigger gap between rich and poor and massive poverty to majority which contributes to single parenthood.

This study investigated the factors for single parenthood in Songea District which include Songea Municipality and Songea Rural. The study assessed the factors which cause single parenthood, the problems that face single parents and children of single parents.

The study population comprised of women and men of age 13 to 75 years. A total of 120 single parents were interviewed. The selection of 12 villages in 6 wards out of 26 wards was done through random sampling. The instrument used for data collection was mainly the questionnaires for literate and structured interviews for illiterate respondents. Snow ball sampling was used to select respondents starting with a few single parents who were telling about others whom they know; this helped the researcher to collect data up to 120 respondents. Village (and street) Executive Officers (VEO) took the researcher to the first few single parents in their areas, before these parents show their colleagues. Descriptive statistics including computer excel Tables and Charts were used for the analysis of data.

The study have shown that there are different reasons for single parenthood including; widowhood, divorce, separation and adolescence pregnancies. Others are pre-marital sex and promise to marry then abandoned by the partner after getting pregnant. This behavior of cheating girls by promise of marrying them and cause pregnancies has been blamed by many single young mothers as the major factor for single parenting.

Absolute poverty cause stress to single parents, the situation has negative impact to their children due to shortage of food, clothes, medical services, school fees and less


socialization. Then low attainment to children in all aspects of life including education.

It has been shown that single parents in Songea, however poor, do not need food aid, but they highly need requisites to agricultural production, affordable loans, support from distant parents of their child (ex-partners) and quite a number of them prefer to remarry!

The findings then, implied that there is a need to establish supportive programs so that the families of single parents can be provided with all the necessities of life. It is also, recommended that a study about the contribution of drinking behavior and adultery in single parenthood should be carried all over the country to study the magnitude on how they cause of this problem.

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