This study examines the Factors Influencing Agripreneurship among Graduates in Nigeria (A Study of Gwagwalada Area Council, FCT- Abuja). The main objective is to assess the factors influencing agripreneurship and their role in agripreneurship performance among young graduate in Nigeria. As part of the methodology, the study adopted both primary and secondary sources of data. The data were analyzed using the simple percentages method of data and ordinary least square regression was used as the statistical tool for testing the formulated hypotheses. In line with the objectives which reveals a strong significant influence of young graduate participation in agripreneurship, it was also observed that agro business encounters challenges ranging from; Lack of fund, lack of infrastructure, risk, marketing problem/competition, management problem: lack of technological dissemination, legal formalities/regulations, availability of resources, lack of technical knowledge, quality control, low skill level among farmers. Among the major recommendations is the need to motivate more youths to engage in agripreneurship, access to more credit and lands should be improved, government should provide financial and institutional support for youths who wants to venture into agripreneurship, the institutional support can be in form of reducing high interests on loan or by providing loans without  collateral, access to land can be improved by providing youth intended to venture into agripreneurship small portion of land, idle government land can be used for this purpose, and youths can pay rents based on specified agreed upon conditions.

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