Family Planning Decisions Among Northern Women in Madina


Even though, family planning is a reproductive health right to which every individual is entitled, for migrant women, family planning decisions are likely to be shrouded by many factors which may impede their right to decide. This study therefore explored family planning decision making among northern migrant women in Madina, Accra. The objectives of the study were to (a) explore how northern migrant women‘s migration status influence their family planning decisions and uptake, (b) find out northern migrant women‘s knowledge about family planning, (c) ascertain the socio-cultural norms and beliefs that influenced decisions and use of contraceptives among northern migrant women and (d) find out institutional challenges that hindered access to family planning services by northern migrant women. The study adopted a qualitative research design in which 22 participants, consisting of 19 head porters and three key informants were purposively selected. In-depth face-to-face interviews were conducted to collect data for the study. Findings indicated that, many head porters‘ decisions and use of family planning were tied to their migration status. In addition, it was found that, female head porters had limited family planning knowledge, in particular, the various methods and their benefits. Further findings revealed that, social and cultural factors inhibited effective family planning uptake by migrant women. Moreover, it was found that, institutional challenges constrained access and utilisation of family planning services by migrant women. Based on the findings of the study, it was concluded that, many head porters in Madina did not utilise family planning services. Accordingly, recommendations were offered to various stakeholders (social workers, Ministry of Health and organisations that offer family planning services) to promote family planning through education targeted at head porters, in order to encourage access and utilisation. 

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