Research Papers/Topics in Education/History

Research Analysis on Republic Rome and Imperial Rome

An analytical essay on Republican Rome and Imperial Rome

What are the Claims of Sacrifice Made by Siddhartha as Herman Hesse Depicts

What are the claims of sacrifice made by Siddhartha as Herman Hesse depictsAs a great Buddha once said,“the sacrifice which causes sorrow to the doer of the sacrifice is no sacrifice. Real sacrifice lightens the mind of the doer and gives him a sense of peace and joy. The Buddha gave up the pleasures of life because they had become painful to him.” This same concept applies to Siddhartha. Siddhartha has a lifelong journey to become enlightened. He gave up the people he loved and his own ...

Impacts of Social Networking Site (SNS) on Growing up Adolescent Girls A study on Bangladeshi Collegiate Girls School in Khulna

Nowadays the internet has gained paramount importance in the education arena. The main objective of the study is to identify the impacts of social networking sites (SNS) on growing up adolescent girls in KCC. To identify the nature of browsing the internet, to find out how social sites help to increase the knowledge level, to know the impact of using a social networking site. The study was conducted through a survey research design. For this study, purposive sampling was used. Samples were co...

Indigenous Education System: Some Notes on the Guji Oromo Age Old Traditional Education Practices, Southern Ethiopia

The main theme of this manuscript is to highlight the Guji Oromo indigenous education system; which needs the detail revision on historical, cultural, political, philosophical, religion, and geographical foundation of the society. It also indicates that the Guji Oromo have developed indigenous education system through which they transferred indigenous knowledge to the next generation. The study also shows that the education process is guided by well-structured traditional curriculum, which de...

How We Can Improve Students Interest in Asking and Answering Questions in the Classroom: The Case of Second Year Social Science Students of Bule Hora University in 2020.

This education research tries to look at student’s low interest in asking and answering questions in social science courses and teacher’s efforts, mechanisms and hard workings to improve students’ interest and participation in a class room and other project works. Likewise, the paper also assess and examine the causes of some students being silence in class room when they are addressed different individual and group class works in their session; and results that has been occur mainly af...


The study was to assess the challenges and prospect of free, fair and credible election in Nigerian context, last time the country conducted an election for contestants into various elective posts in 2015. The 2011 general elections characterize with violence before, during and after the election. The violence that took place especially after the presidential election was unique in the history of the Nigerian politics. The paper aims to consider the challenges of elections and identifie...

School related factors that affect girls' access to basic education in the Tarawa Nsuaem-District

The paper explored the school related factors that affect girls' access to basic education. Kindly read the article for other information. 


Education is the bedrock of a child, the window through which the future is seen. The future of any great nation lies in our children and they deserve the best educational grooming. The educational system in our dear country Nigeria is in deplorable state. Therefore, this article aims to highlight the causes and adverse effects of our poor educational system on our children as well as suggest possible ways to remedy the situation.