Research Papers/Topics in Educational Administration And Planning

Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education: Implication for Repositioning Tertiary Education in Nigeria

Student personnel administration in Nigerian higher education has been a source of concern of late and the students forms an integral part of this activity. Effective administration of student personnel plays a vital role in repositioning Tertiary education in Nigeria. Based on that fact, this paper focuses on student personnel administration in higher education. This activity or service is an integral part of student’s life and it is provided by the educational institut...

Technology and Work Group Diversity in Educational Institutions

At the end of this chapter, the reader should be able to:i. Define diversityii. Identify the different generations in the work group iii. State the forms and types of diversity in the work groupiv. Explain how technology can aid work group diversity in educational institutionsv. State the advantages and disadvantages of a diverse work groupvi. Explain how to reap the benefits and minimize the challenges of diversity

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